C23 and C24 Fieldwork to a Pop-Up Theatre!

I am excited to announce that C23 and C24 are being taken to watch a live theatre performance of a Shakespeare Play at Rose Theatre in York.

This Theatre is a pop-up theatre that has been specially made in York to mimic the Globe Theatre in London.  We have secured seating for both performances.

C23 will be going to see Macbeth on Wednesday 11th July and C24 to watch A Midsummers Night Dream on Monday 16th July.

Students will be leaving school on a coach at 9 am and traffic allowing will be back for 3.15.

Students will be required to bring a packed lunch and we recommend they bring plenty of water due to current temperatures.

If you have any further questions about the fieldwork please do not hesitate to get in touch with me gthornton@xpschool.org.

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