X22 beautiful work in history

Our fantastic Year 10 students have begun looking at the Vikings as part of the history GCSE period study. The guiding question for this expedition is ‘Who were the Vikings?’, and it has been lovely to see such beautiful work being produced by students already!

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X22 Spanish Gallery Walk

Today students were reading texts about different accommodation on holiday and matching it to the correct images, with vocabulary they had just learnt. Well done X22!

On Wednesday 12th September C22 Admiral students will be visiting the Jorvik Viking Centre, York. The following day, Thursday 13th September, C22 Skipper students will attend the same visit.

The visit will take place wholly in school hours and students will return before the end of the day.

Students will need to ensure they are wearing warm clothing – as there is a short walk across York to the museum – as well as a packed lunch. Students who are on Free School Meals will have a lunch provided by school.

The visit will give students the opportunity to see Viking artefacts up close and in person as well as speaking to experts on this period of history.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

C22 Fieldwork York Theatre 21st September 2018

We are delighted to announce that we have secured tickets for an evening performance of An Inspector Calls on Friday 21st September. We will leave school on the 21st by coach at 5pm from XP School and we expect to return at approximately 11pm, traffic dependent.

As you may already be aware, Friday the 21st of September is a Staff Day, so the students are not expected in school until they meet at 5pm for the coach. All students should eat before they meet us because time may be limited as we arrive in York. Students should also wear comfortable shoes and bring a warm coat as there will be a short walk involved from the coach to the theatre.

All students in C22 should have a parental consent letter for you to fill and bring back. I would appreciate if you could bring this back as soon as possible so that we can confirm numbers.  

Read more about the performance:



View letter:


Thank-you for your continued support

Mrs C Smith


C21 Preparation for Y11

Students have a small amount of revision to do over the summer for science. The work covers some of the fundamental knowledge which needs to be retained. This will allow students to make a running start to the year and will help us maximise the time available before their exams next year. Many students are confident with the ideas already so this will require very little work.

Secondly, there are some students who have not completed their ‘answer to the guiding question’ in science. It is important that students complete this before we return. It will be a challenging year for students next year as it is, so it would be beneficial for students not to have to catch up work on previous expeditions.

Finally, I do appreciate there will be weeks where Tassomai can not be done and that the most important thing for students is that they have a rest this holiday, however if Tassomai can be kept ticking over it would be useful to students. 

I would be really grateful your support with this.

To both students and families, please have a wonderful summer and enjoy the deserved rest.

Mr Campbell

C21 Extended Study

Students have been set a note taking task on google classroom that is to be completed by Friday. They will need to read the following information from http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/history/mwh/ir1/chamberlainandappeasementrev1.shtml  and produce their own notes in order to build their contextual understanding around the start of WW2.