C24 Y7 MyMaths extended study

This term we are looking at the efficiency of energy transfers as part of our expedition “Where is away?”. An important part of this is being able to work out and interpret efficiency when expressed as a percentage.

All Year 7 students have been set 3 MyMaths exercises as a baseline to test their knowledge of working out percentages of amounts.

If students are stuck they can:

  • Watch the videos linked here: https://corbettmaths.com/2013/02/15/percentages-of-an-amount-calculator/
  • Click on the lesson in MyMaths before trying the online homework.
  • Email me through google classroom.

The deadline is Monday evening at 8pm.


Extended Study in C24

At the request of some students and parents, here is the schedule for when extended study is usually set by the Year 7 teaching team. Of course, as always more details can be found on google classroom for specific pieces of extended study set each week.

MONDAY: STEAM due in on Friday (Both classes)

TUESDAY:  Humanities and Arts due in on Friday. (Skipper only)

WEDNESDAY: Maths practice due in on Monday (Both classes)

THURSDAY:  Humanities and Arts due in on Friday. (Admiral only)

WEEKEND: Spellodrome and Times Tables Rockstars due in the following week (Both classes)


In addition students should read their accelerated reader book for 2 hours per week.

C24 Admiral Extended Study

C24 Admiral students needs to use their notes in their HUMAN books to revise for an assessment on Monday.  The assessment will cover Magna Carta, The Crusades, Richard the Lion heart, Peasants Revolt and the area they became experts in; either Baron, Peasant, Knight or the banquet.

All presentation notes/text coding notes can be found on Google Classroom.

A reminder that students need to earn 1000 points every week on times table rockstars

We will check each week at 8pm on a Friday.


To earn points quickest, students should play in the garage. This week it is 2s and 3s.

To bring down their average time, students should play in the studio.

To have most fun, students should play in the rock arena against their friends, or rock festival where they play against the world!

All Year 7 students have two parts to their extended study:

  1. Four MyMaths exercises due on Tuesday 23rd Jan at 8pm.
  2. Two worksheet exercises due on Tuesday 23rd Jan at 9.15am

Students need to complete their working out on the worksheets, and then hand them in on Tuesday. The minimum expectation is that they do the “workout” section. If they are struggling or have not met the deadline, they will be given additional help in expedition support on Thursday after school.

There are more details on google classroom. If students need additional copies, there are links to the worksheets. There are also links to two videos that will help too.





LCM and Common Multiples

Common Factors and HCF


All Year 7 students have a maths test on Wednesday next week on the learning target:

I can calculate the area of compound shapes.

They have each been given a set of revision sheets for practice. Some may have completed some of these questions in class, but it is worth repeating to ensure fluency. Students are able to use a calculator for these.

FOR BEGINNING/DEVELOPING – They need to be able to work with rectangles and triangles so these are the WORKOUT questions on the first two sheets.

FOR SECURE: They need to be able to work with compound shapes, so these are the WORKOUT questions on the third sheet.

FOR EXCELLENCE: They need to solve problems associated with area and compound shapes, so these are the APPLY questions on all three sheets.

On google classroom I have posted some videos to help. I have also posted copies of the sheets that they have been given too.

Students will receive their perimeter tests back with and an email with a breakdown of their grades.

They need to do 3 things before their student-led conference:

1. Write out their targets using the symbol codes. There is a google doc linked on google classroom with all of the target codes.

2. Check which corrections they need to do. I have put a pencil symbol on the front page of their test.

3. Correct the questions. They MUST show your working out for these corrections. There is a google doc on google classroom with the answers. I am less concerned about students being able to see the answers, and more concerned about them having a method to get the correct answer.

The learning target for the test was: I can calculate the perimeter of compound shapes. Students were awarded the following grades based on what they could do:

Beginning – Can calculate the perimeter of simple/regular shapes
Developing – Can calculate missing lengths in shapes
Secure – Can calculate the perimeter of compound shapes
Excellence – Can solve GCSE problems associated with perimeter and compound shapes


During their student-led conference, your son or daughter will share this piece of work with you. They will also explain their grade for this work and how it compares to their minimum expected grade. They will also show you what additional work they have done since, as part of this extended study, to improve/extend their knowledge.


Target Codes

Answers to the test

Students need to complete 1000 points worth of practice in Times Tables Rockstars

This is a weekly expectation now. This week the focus in the garage are the 2, 3 and 4 times tables.

They score most points by playing in the garage, but can play against each other in the rock arena.

Students use their username: firstname.secondname24

Their password is: password

C24 D&T design task for Mrs Rigby

3D slot animal design

Hi all
Your task is to search for a 3D slotted animal which you would like to have a go at making your own version of and upload a copy to google classroom. Just a reminder that as we don’t have a laser cutter these will be hand crafted so think carefully about your design. Start simple, you can always make another which is more complicated later. You will be able to use either an A4 piece of corrugated cardboard or A4 sheet of wood so think about how you will fit your design on this size material. The first lesson back you will be able to make a draft of your design using thick paper/card, self and peer critique. Some examples of simple designs are below to help you get started.
Don’t forget to upload your design!
Due in date Monday 6th November
Mrs Rigby