Fabulous HoWLs

This morning in community meeting we celebrated those students that are working hard, getting smart, and being kind across the board in all of their studies.

These students have all been given the top grades for their habits of work and learning by their teachers and crew leaders. Congratulations to Maddison, Alfie, Franchesca, Andrew, Grace, Guraaj, Jake, Elijah, Georgia, Emily, Matej, Declan, Beth, Aaleyah, Nada, Meadow, Danny, Millie, Sareena, Jessica, Ilinca, Milla, Aaisha, Amber, Samuel, Henry, Ashley, Kyra, Enza, Charlotte, Roshni, Alfie, Isaac, Kate, Charlie, Loris, Maddison, James, Emily-Mae, Rex, Scarlett, Jon, Cara, Anisa, Paige, Annabelle, Amy, Kiera, Lauren, Zoe, Emily, Noah, Alisha, Elle, Caitlin, Alzbeta, Kajal, Kelly, Benjamin, Gabriella, Samuel, Ethan, Azriel, Bethanie, Katie-Rae, Rory, Leah, Cameron, Sabaa, Emily, Maximillian, Holly, Grace, Alexandra and Zara!

What a fantastic achievement and a great way to end the week.

Beautiful Work – X25 Hegarty Maths

Wow. All of the students below in X25 have either been doing extra Hegarty Maths, or asking for more work in Hegarty Maths:

Georgia M-B, Finlay A, Jake L, Andrew H, Thomas P, Frankie M, Riley C, Illinca L, Olliver L, Jacob K, Kyle S-J, Macey H, Jacob L, Elijah M


And as special shout out to the following students who have done more than double the amount of Hegarty Maths exercises that have been set in class or for extended study. Great work!

Declan R
Maddison E
Harley A
Oliver G