C21 Qualifying Hiking Expedition:

The qualifying hiking expedition  is fast approaching (11th – 13th October), so I am sharing the kit list again as a reminder of what students need to take. There is no actual kit check this time as students will have the appropriate kit from the practice expedition.

Can I advice that students bring an extra blanket and / or an extra coat for at the campsite. The nights could get cold. Thermals are also a good idea for an extra layer of warmth. Lots of thin layers are better than 1 thick layer.

The extra items can be brought in a plastic bag with camp shoes and will be kept on the mini bus rather than students having to carry them.

Extra kit lists are available from the office.

Further information about times etc will be posted later in the week.



Download (PDF, 138KB)


All silver hiking expedition groups must have completed ALL of their planning for the assessed expedition by the deadline of 3.15pm Friday 28th September.

This deadline is non extendable as I need the following 2 weeks to finish risk assessment, finalise staffing and equipment.

Students are all aware that Wednesday 26th September is the last date that I am willing to check through their planning and give feedback. Any final corrections can then be done in school during the DofE session on Friday 28th.

Any Group that has completed everything and had it approved by me by 3.15pm on Friday 28th September will go on the assessed expedition on the 11th October.

Many thanks,


C22 Canoeing costs and consent letter:


Can I apologise for the error on the canoeing letter please.

It states in the table that the cost is either £130 / £140. This is the correct figure. Please ignore the cost written beneath this of £150 / £160.

Can I also explain that although the office is accepting money for this, no places can be guaranteed until groups are decided and approved by crew leaders and Mrs Mawby. If for any reason your son / daughter is not able to go on the canoeing expedition, then this money will be returned to you.

The figure of £130 / £140 is dependant on how may students take part in the canoeing expedition. For example this figure is based on 20 students taking part. If there are fewer students then the price may increase and vice versa.

I have also spoken with Mrs Mawby regards paying in instalments which she is happy to do but please email her directly about this. nmawby@xpschool.org

Apologies if the initial letter didn’t explain this properly.

DofE Silver 100 Club Raffle

Random numbers have been selected for the Silver DofE Raffle Money.

1st prize is £25   2nd Prize £15  3rd Prize £10.  Students who sold the tickets have been given the prize money to pass onto the winners. Thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket.  There are still three months left to be in with a chance of winning.

These are

May             1st Number 90        2nd Number 04     3rd Number 28

(1st – Craig M    2nd – Sarah   3rd – Miss Blair)

June            1st Number 93        2nd Number 74     3rd Number 60

(1st  – Helen W         2nd – Julie W      3rd – Michael W)

July             1st Number 17        2nd Number 86     3rd Number 51

(1st – Jack’s Mum   2nd – Pat G    3rd – Kerry P)

August         1st Number 66       2nd Number 10     3rd Number 35

(1st – Jonathon B    2nd – Janet W   3rd  Gillian N)

September   1st Number 50        2nd Number 15     3rd Number 96

(1st – Rachel S    2nd – Mrs Duffield    3rd – Amaan)

C21 DofE Silver Hiking Kit check:

Please can parents / carers that have been contacted by crew leaders during the holiday regards missing kit for the Silver hiking expedition make sure these items are brought into school on Tuesday morning for checking during crew.
Please be aware that students may not be able to go on expedition if kit that was missing from the previous check is not brought to this session.

It is extremely important that students have appropriate clothing and equipment when on expedition, therefore kit check is a key part of our expedition planning process.

If you have any questions or are unsure if this applies to you then please email me or your crew leader.

Many thanks,