Students in Year 9 will be visiting Thackray Museum in Leeds next week on fieldwork as part of their expedition Don’t Mention the War. Skipper will be attending on Tuesday 20th November and Admiral will be attending Wednesday 21st November. 

The fieldwork will take place within normal school hours. Students will leave school at 9.15 and arrive back at school before 15.15, traffic depending. Should there be any delays, we will update the website and let parents and carers know.

Students will be acting as scientists and historians and examining the unknown heroes of World War One. The sessions will take place so students will need normal school dress.  Students will also need a packed lunch unless they receive free schools meals in which case school will provide one.


Butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies

Well what an amazing week for X24! This week students have worked exceptionally hard in all sessions. From delivering presentations in STEAM, to becoming detectives researching the Ku Klux Klan, nothing has phased them! Here are some of the students who received a praise butterfly to reward their hard work and effort this week.

Congratulations to all of you! Keep up the hard work!

X24 Investigation into the Ku Klux Klan

This week students have been analysing what life was like for African American people after the end of slavery. As part of this the students took part in an interactive session where they worked collaboratively to investigate source material on the Ku Klux Klan.  The students level of maturity and depth of discussion in both sessions was very impressive. Well done X24, keep up the hard work!


X24 and X25 ‘Working Hard and Getting Smart’.

It was fantastic to see students in X24 and X25 working so hard in their last session of the day today! X25 were working on facial reconstruction as part of their latest expedition, ‘Who Am I? and Where do i come from?’ by focussing on the Learning Target, ‘I can understand the function of a skeleton.’ Students were working hard in the lab and supporting each other to produce some stunning outcomes. In X25 students were researching the deadly influence the Ku Klux Klan had on the USA before, during and after the Civil Rights movement as part of their expedition ‘Being Human’. Students working as scientists and historians towards authentic products that will connect with the world. Just another day at XP!



Student Lost Laptop

Hi all,

We have had an X25 student this afternoon that can’t find their laptop.
They remember having it in the last session of the day in the science lab (P04).
All students put their bags in the same area at the back of the room so we think someone else may have picked it up by mistake in the rush to get home.
If you could all check tonight and if this was you please just bring it to reception in the morning and we can make sure it is returned to the student.

Thank you.

Student Bikes

Last week we had two bikes stolen from XP East during the day. Unfortunately this is not the first time. The bikes were locked up but it looks like the thieves have cut them with some cutting device to take them.

The CCTV shows them jumping over the fence to get the bikes. This footage has been shared with the police.

We would like to remind parents and students to lock any bikes up with a secure lock and ensure the bike is covered by your own home insurance. Because the bikes are not our property we are unable to claim on our insurance.


X21 and X22 Extended Study

How does Shakespeare present the relationship between Othello and Desdemona in this scene? Act 3 Scene 3
In order to revise and review the work that we’ve been doing on Act 3 Scene 3 of Othello, I would like students in X22 and X21 to answer the question above as Extended Study. Firstly, students are to update their notes/annotations on their own texts using the class-notes (on google classroom) and then they are to write a short essay between 200-300 words which answers the question above. Their answers should include a number of quotations and engage with language specifically (AO2), alongside pulling key meaning from the text (AO1).

Please remind students that you should be reading their texts at home- whether that’s revising what we’ve read already or getting a head start on the next scene. ‘Sparknotes’ is an excellent resource to support independent reading. We’re about to move onto Act 4 so if students that to get their heads into this it will be beneficial for them.

X22’s work is due next Friday (23rd) and X21 next Wednesday (21st).
Thanks for your continued support
Mrs Smith

Gardening Club:

Gardening club will not take place over the winter period on the usual weekly basis.

However there will be certain activities we can do such as bulb planting, so I will post dates for this along with any other gardening activities once arranged

Many thanks