Over but not out!

We did it! Myself and Mr Walker completed the Sheffield Half Marathon today in aid of Emily Anderson, the sister of Katie who is a Year 9 student at XP. Through completing the race we have raised nearly £800 to help with Emily’s care and we are really grateful to everyone who has donated (you can still donate here if you haven’t already done so!) to this worthy cause. Special shout outs must go to Mr Pearson who cheered us on at Hunter’s Bar roundabout and Mr Voltaire who gave up his time to take us to the race and bring us safely back home and also to Mr Walker who only stepped up a week ago to take part in the race and he was amazing! It was a really tough race, (the first five miles are up hill!) and it is widely regarded as one of the toughest half marathons to complete but we managed to finish the race in 2 hours and 6 minutes – five minutes faster than last year! Once again, thank you for all the support we have received and here’s to cracking the 2 hour mark next year!!

We are Crew.

Andy Sprakes

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