PE routines and protocols

I wanted to say a well done to all year groups for an excellent start to PE so far this term. With us now working out of the new facilities located in XP East the students have had to adapt to some new routines and standards and I appreciate how well they have responded to this.

To build on this momentum I thought that now would be an opportune moment to share some useful links with parents and students in order to fully optimise their PE experience.

Here is a link to the PE home page of the website. This is a useful launchpad to all things PE and will continue to evolve so please get used to ‘checking-in’ every now and again to see what is happening in PE.

If you delve into the PE website you will find the curriculum section. If you navigate to Core PE you will find a narrative, learning targets and resources for the activities that your child is undertaking. Again, please encourage your child to explore this when they have a moment to familiarise themselves with the learning.

Activities for this term;

C25: Dance, Rugby and Badminton

C24: Rugby and Badminton

C23: Football and Badminton

C22 & C21: An option of either Dance, Badminton or Football.

Finally, for all things extra-curricular click here and for clarity on the expectations around PE kit and also representing the school for our teams click here.

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