Aiming High

At XP, we believe in aiming high and learning about the choices available to us. Many C26 pupils mentioned during Passage last year that they intended to go to university in the future. To build on this, they were visited in school recently by a representative from Homerton College at the University of Cambridge. Lindsay dispelled some myths about the cost of university, and explained how the choices we make now with regards to our studies might have an impact on the choices available to us in the future. Some pupils were surprised by what they learned about university finances, and the broad range of careers a degree level education might lead to. 

Some pupils from C25 also joined us to welcome our visiting expert. It was a pleasure to hear them talking to Linsday about their future plans such as studying engineering, or asking her advice about how to make sure their A level choices best suit particular degrees or careers. 

We hope to keep in touch with the University of Cambridge, and Lindsay kindly offered to help any pupils who had questions for her.

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