All Together Now in X25!

Students in X25 were joined by members of the Conversation Club on Tuesday afternoon where they hosted a variety of different board games.

We particularly enjoyed catching up with those we have met previously and showing off our more competitive sides!

We were keen to show the asylum seekers that they no longer need to feel ‘isolated’ like they had previously told us, because they are welcome in our community any time!

Some students were involved in filming aspects of our final product today too, capturing the action using the specialist equipment with help from our expert, Geoff Hewitt. We would like to appreciate Geoff for allowing us to have this opportunity.

Filming our journey throughout the expedition helped us to reflect on just how much we have learnt. Later into the afternoon students took time to silently reflect on their thoughts and feelings. Some were interested to see how they had changed, and we were all moved by what we had heard and learnt over the past couple of months.

We would like to appreciate those from the Conversation Club who took time out of their day to come in and see us! We would also like to appreciate Mr Jackson and Mrs Mawby for providing transport to and from XP which made this possible!

Above all, compassion.

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