Arrangements for X21 during May

During May, X25-22 have a two-week break. As you know during this time there are examinations happening for Year 11 students.

All X21 students will need to attend school as usual for the whole of the week commencing Monday 20th May as there are examinations throughout this week.

In the following week, we are conscious that students will need a break and some time to do revision outside of school.

All X21 students will also be in school on Friday 31st May from 9.15am for exam preparation sessions.

It is not our intention to ask the whole cohort of X21 students into school in the rest of the week commencing 27th May. However there may be individual students for whom we put together bespoke support sessions in this week. Of course we will be mindful of the need for students to rest, and will contact families in good time if we identify a need following further assessments in the coming weeks.

Thanks as always for your continued support

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