Beautiful work.

Crew Rosa Parks have submitted some beautiful work this past week in all subjects. There has been some outstanding contributions, where the content and the craftsmanship and quality has been exceptional. A big shoutout this week goes to Elijah, Joshua and Holly.


We have all been working on a book of memories for us to look back on when this unprecedented time has passed. Our focus last week was our front cover and we discussed many different ideas as to what we could put on there and how we could design it. Drawing, colouring, writing and computers were all put forward as to the different ways we could present it. Holly has used her computer to design hers. What a fantastic set of memories represented just on the front cover.

Next week we are focusing on Nature Week. Some ideas for Crew to be looking at and having a go at are: Whats in my garden? Make your own bug house or What do you see on your daily walk?

Have a good week with this Crew Rosa Parks. I am really looking forward to seeing the results.

Stay safe!

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