Beautiful Work in X23 Skipper Spanish

I really must praise the high levels of craftsmanship and quality exhibited by Callie, Michaela, Lois, Jaspreet and Chandni in their recent Spanish sessions. Callie worked exceptionally hard to prepare answers to general conversation questions on health and fitness, exceeding her MEG in the process.

Lois initiated our focused study of the Basque Country with a BBK protocol on Bilbao, frontón, Euskera and the cultural and historical significance of the tree of Guernica. Her work shows how she layered her knowledge, using three different reference sources:

Lois concluded her study with a postcard addressed to a student in X23 Admiral , written in three different tenses, highlighting a fictional visit to Bilbao. Chandni, Jaspreet and Michaela also produced great extended writing in fluent Spanish…..beautiful work indeed

These are more examples of beautiful work in X23 Skipper….

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