Bon Voyage

Today Stan Lee gave me a goodbye hangout as I hand crew over to Mrs Pulham: whilst I go on Maternity Leave. Mrs Pulham is amazing, they are in safe hands and she is just like me!

They are one great crew! They are all so unique and what has been great to see over these two years is that they have stayed true to themselves. They express their own opinions without judgment and we have really created our own safe bubble. They may disagree with others in our crew but in a mature way where they don’t take it personally. Building resilience and listening to others point of views, as we all have different life experiences.

In crew check in they had to say one thing that they will miss – with me not being around: my kindness, my laugh (as apparently I laugh when no one else is laughing and it’s not funny), being helpful. Alfie said I have two sides to my personality as Kyle often says my ‘happy face’ and my ‘am I in bother face?’. Like I always tell them when you get it right I will tell you and when you get it wrong I will tell you.

They also said about how our crew chats can sometimes go off topic ‘not sure if I should be sharing this’, they really like this. We once had a whole crew session talking about dough balls. What I will really miss is the fact that they can share funny stories with me, without getting embarrassed.

We have all been on this journey together as myself and crew started XP together. Here are some pictures of our time together.

I wish you all good luck in Year 9, yes you will soon be in Year 9 wow! Smash it and remember: This is your world, shape it or someone else will.  Mrs Cross

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