Borrowing Equipment & kit from school for expeditions:

When students borrow equipment or kit supplied by the school they are expected to return it. Items might be borrowed as an individual or as a group and the participants are responsible for returning them in the same condition they were given out.

Students are expected to check the condition of the equipment before going out on expedition and inform their supervisor of any damage or missing parts.

Therefore groups and / or individuals who return from expedition with damaged or missing items may be charged for them. If students need to borrow clothing or boots or other personal items they will need to sign in order to borrow them and will be given a copy of this.


Any costs incurred need to be paid within the agreed time otherwise this will be passed over to our finance department.

Information about this has been added to all future kit lists and on expedition consent/ medical forms.

Thank you for your support.


Please note that students dumping clothing outside of the PE store or other areas of the school does not constitute returning it!

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