Busy bees.

Crew Rosa Parks have had a busy week. Not only are they undertaking their school work at home, they are having Crew google hangouts twice a week and also taking part in weekly Crew challenges that are set.

This week they had a choice of an art challenge, a physical challenge or a cooking/baking challenge.


Andrew and Elijah rose up to the art challenge. Fantastic guys!! 


Maddi blew me away with her cooking and baking skills.


Holly is ready for Masterchef too!!

These are just a few of Crews spectacular efforts at the challenges set. Keep it up!!

Next week the new expedition starts for Year 8 (X25). This is such an exciting time, Crew Rosa Parks have a Google hangout at 11am on Monday which will be followed by a whole year group hangout at 11.30 for the introduction to the new expedition. I know I’m looking forward to it.

Therefore, for any students in Crew that need to just complete some bits from the current expedition can we make sure that they are completed before then. All your teachers are working so very hard to make sure you have super exciting expeditions, even in this very tricky time we find ourselves in, so please help them by working hard too.

Stay safe.

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