C25/26 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh

Hi, after a few years of Disruption, DofE will start back as normal in the new school year. For C25 and C26 this has prompted a slight change to plans, due to not being able to complete the Expedition through our normal route. We are therefore giving the students within year 10 and year 11 the chance to complete the award if they choose to.

To take part Students must:

  • Commit to staying behind one day at school to complete the planning.
  • Have good or improving HOWLs.
  • Commit to having one day out of school time and one day of the weekend to complete the expedition.

These students know that this is a possibility so please have a discussion with your son/daughter to ensure that they understand what a commitment this is.

We will start preparation for this in the second week of the new school year. I require students to email me at [email protected] to let me know if they are interested.

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