C26 – Two Days of Inspiring Experts

As part of our You Give Me Fever expedition, year 9 have had two days of experts offering their experiences to show the human side of our health service. With talks from a hospice nurse, carer and chairperson of a charity, it has been an intense, emotional and humbling experience.

The students asked all the experts pertinent and sensitive questions which will help them retell their stories as part of our final product. Everyone involved exemplified our character traits by: having the courage to ask questions, having integrity when writing their notes and probing the responses further, showing respect to all our experts, showing craftsmanship and quality in their detailed notes. But above all they showed so much compassion particularly in their appreciations at the end of the sessions.

We are so proud of all the students. #WeAreXP

An example of the craftsmanship and quality of the notes taken.

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