C27 and C26 Fieldwork

Parents of pupils in years ten and eleven will have received an email containing the details of fieldwork to universities after half term. Please check your emails or the attached files for this information. The fieldwork meets XP’s pledge to provide opportunities for all pupils to visit a university and to be informed about higher education opportunities. Here is a summary of the dates:

Monday 19th February X27 (XP year ten) fieldwork to Bradford University

Wednesday 21st February E26 (XP East year eleven) fieldwork to Huddersfield University

Friday 23rd February X26 (XP year eleven) fieldwork to Bradford University

Monday 26th February E27 (XP East year ten) fieldwork to Huddersfield University

There is no compulsory charge to parents for this fieldwork, in line with our ethos, but I have attached a letter from the Principal regarding our voluntary contribution scheme. We will need to pass on a small £5 cancellation fee for no / short notice failure to attend in order to reduce wastage of our fieldwork budget. Please let me know in advance of any pre-arranged absences on the date of fieldwork for your child so I can cancel their place with no charge. Thank you to those parents and guardians who have already done this.

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