C28 – Is Migration worth the Risk? A Powerful Encounter…

Last week, Year 8 students embarked on a visit to see John Steinbeck’s timeless classic, “Of Mice and Men.” This opened their minds to the wonder of the theatre and the migration of Lennie and George. Today, students had a remarkable expert visit from David Hey, a Doncaster Council worker, and Rita, a Ukrainian refugee. Rita shared her moving story of leaving Kiev, her struggles in England, and her migration journey.

Rita shared her courageous journey, fleeing political instability in Kiev and leaving her husband behind, risking conscription. Rita’s story touched the students’ hearts and opened their eyes to the hardships faced by refugees. Rita spoke of the challenges she faced in England, including the language barrier and cultural adjustment. Her story has thoroughly inspired the students and encouraged them to empathise with refugees worldwide.

Students asked powerful questions, challenging misconceptions around migration. As this expedition progresses, students will explore more stories from people like Rita. Encountering Rita’s story has humanised the concept of migration and highlighted the refugee crisis happening both globally and locally.

An absolutely amazing and thought-provoking afternoon from Year 8!

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