X23 Year 10 January Mock Exams

X23 will be sitting a short round of mock exams starting towards the end of this week and into the early part of next week. The exams will focus largely on the content covered in the previous two terms but will include unfamiliar content also so it is important that students do some extra study to prepare. Students will be given some additional revision sessions this week to prepare. As our students in X23 move a step closer to their real GCSE examinations in 2021, this is another opportunity for them to feel what it is like to sit in the exam hall and get used to the conditions. It is also a good opportunity for us to take an informed snapshot of progress and make plans for the rest of this year and into Year 11. The exam timetable can be found below.


X23’s tonal self portraits looking amazing!

Y10 have been working extremely hard to get their tonal self portraits finished for their ‘Christmas Style Lecture’ that is due to take place next week.

Pupils have looked at portraits through history in order to help them with their own self portraits.

Pupils have been asked to plan a background for their portraits to show aspects of their character and what makes them who they are. They have all been asked to create a rough plan in their sketchbook. Here are some examples:

Pupils now need to complete their background and mount their tonal self portraits onto them.

Here is one in progress:

Im looking forward to seeing this piece of work completed and displayed next week! Well done X23! Keep up the fantastic work!

X22 Skipper and Admiral Art

X22 have immersed in to their trial exam in Art for the expedition ‘Past, Present and/or Future’. They should have collected 8 contextual images and annotated them in their sketchbook or on a doc. For next week they need to have 2 contextual studies drawn in their chosen media (this has been set for extended study and is on google classroom).

This is some of their artwork that they are currently working on.


X22 Mock Examination Timetable


Date Session Exam Start Time / Location
Mon 17th June AM – Session 1/2 English Language paper 1 9.15am

1 hr 45mins


Tuesday 18th June AM – Session 1/2 English Literature 9.15am – 11.15am

2 hr


PM – Session 4/5 Spanish 14.00pm

1hr F

1hr 15mins H


Wednesday 19th June AM – Session 1/2 Biology Start 9.00am – 10.15am

1 hr 15 mins


PM – Session 4/5 Common Mission With Common Mission teacher in the Common Mission time
Thursday 20th June AM – Session 1/2 History Paper 1




1hr 45mins


PM – Session 4/5 English Language 13.15pm



Friday 21st June AM – Session 1 Chemistry 9.10am – 10.25am

1 hr 15 mins


Monday 24th June AM – Session 1/2 Mathematics Paper 1 9.00am

1hr 45mins


PM – Session 4/5 English Literature 13.45pm

1 hr 30


Tuesday 25th June AM – Session 1/2 History Paper 2

Nazi Germany



1hr 45mins



PM – Session 4/5


Mathematics Paper 2


1hr 30mins


Wednesday 26th June AM – Session 1/2 Physics 9.00am – 10.15am

1 hr 15 mins


PM – Session 4/5 Mathematics Paper 3 13.45pm

1hr 30mins


X22 – Identity

X22 are working on their coursework for Art, Craft and Design; through the expedition ‘Identity’. Here are some pieces of work that reflect our ‘Habits of Work and Learning’:Getting Smart and Working Hard! The craftsmanship and quality of the work is really developing. Well done and keep up the beautiful work!

Students have also independently researched what ‘identity’ means to them and looked at artists work to influence their ideas. This is evident in the unique work they are producing.

X22 Admiral invited parents into school earlier this evening to talk to them about how they are revising for their upcoming mock examinations, the targets they have set themselves and the progress that they expect to make.

I was particularly impressed with the honesty and integrity of students as they shared what they had done well and what they needed to do more of in future to ensure they succeed.

Students covered their progress in English, Maths, Science, History and Spanish. Mature and intelligent discussions that reflect how hard these young people are working and how smart they are getting as a result!

I was well impressed! Keep this up, Admiral!!

X22 POL this week!!

The X22 Presentation of learning will take place on the following evenings :-

Wednesday 5th June for Admiral 5pm-6pm

Thursday 6th June for Skipper 5pm-6pm

The evening will be a focus on students preparation and revision for the upcoming Year 10 exams on the WC 17th June, and will be in a carousel format between five subjects






With the Students answering the guiding question of

“How do I lead my own Learning?”

Best wishes and Thank you for your continued support

The XP X22 team.

X22 Application and Practice

As we are now coming to the end of our expedition ‘Are we really free to choose?‘ students have once again being applying their knowledge and practising answering exam questions. It’s been really pleasing to see so many students Working Hard and Getting Smart when attempting source and interpretation questions. Students have really risen to the challenge with these tricky questions! Here are just a few examples of their hard work from this week.