See you soon crew Hahn…

So today was our last crew hangout of this academic year.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to those students that have regularly turned up to the hangouts, you have kept our crew together during this difficult time. Shout outs to James Sk, Jon, Sam, Sophie, Tom, Rhys and James L!

I honestly cannot wait to see you all next term in our new crew room ready for our journey into our GCSE’s.

I’ve asked my crew to spend sometime thinking about the positives they can get from lockdown over the last few months. During this time students have had to grapple with getting organised, being self disciplined, creating their own working environments, schedules and trying to do this when all around the world seems to have stopped.

I’m proud to say most of Hahn have done this and overcome a number of hurdles along the way. I believe that by reflecting on this time and learning who they are in terms of their academic learning, that this will give them an insight into them selves that will help them during their GCSE’s.

They will have already experienced many similar situations they will encounter in the run up to their exams, such as making revision plans, finding out they work better at a desk that sat on their bed or vice verse. This knowledge is the foundation to them becoming leaders of their own learning and so we will spend sometime focusIn on this  on our return.


So have a fab summer and stay safe, see you in August!



Today I had an fantastic turn out of students at today’s hangout and wow it did me good to check in with them!

We did a quick check in ‘chicken’ of how we were feeling. Pleased to say most of us are feeling ‘alright’ and some a little better since finding it easier to access work and teachers. I think we are learning to accept the situation and realise that life continues and doesn’t wait for us to catch up… it just keeps on going.

I feel positive that so many were at the hangout this morning and I feel the remainder of the term is going to be spent purposefully.

Today’s session focused on the current situation in the world that has developed from the tragic death of George Floyd. I asked them to tell me what they knew about the recent events surrounding this. Most students knew about it and were aware that this has had a huge impact on the subject of racism which still seems to be a part of the world we live in even in the 21st Century.

During the protests and riots there has been a huge focus on the statement ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’. We all used our voice to express what this term means to us. There were comments such as: ‘all people deserve equal rights’, ‘people having to fight for their rights’, ‘speaking out against abuse’, ‘black people should be equal to White people’, ‘Just because our skin colour is different on the outside that we are all the same inside’.

I’m proud of the comments my crew shared and couldn’t agree with them more. However although most people will agree with my crew, sadly this is not the case for everyone, and racism and other discriminations continue within the world and within our own local communities.

Obviously all lives matter, we know that, however at this moment in time something terrible has happened and has highlighted the inequality that is still happening against black people. Therefore this is the right time to elevate that people won’t tolerate racism by bringing it to the forefront of all peoples thoughts and actions by making bold statements such as BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Until we have equality we need to highlight and work harder for those that suffer because of it. I went through this comic strip with my crew that had been shared with me by a colleague.

I love this!

It highlights that sometimes we need to go beyond treating people the same or equally and that actually we need to do more for them at certain times.

This can often be a problem we need to address in school where often students feel they haven’t been fairly treated. One student in crew (I wont name him) highlighted something that he personally experienced in school. He said that he often got told (by me) to stop talking out of turn and that when another student did it I didn’t always say something to them and that this wasn’t fair. However they explained that by understanding the difference and necessity of equity and equality he understood that because he spoke out of turn more than anyone else during crew sessions then I needed to focus this intervention on him more than someone speaking out of turn just once.

We used this to understand how although we know that all lives matter, that at this moment in time we need to focus attention on the inequality felt by many black people.

Hopefully one day we won’t need to wave banners stating ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ or protest about inequality because hopefully through using our voices now and waving those banners high enough on behalf of those who are oppressed, action will be taken to end inequality and racism and the banner we can then fly high and be proud of is ………..‘ ALL LIVES MATTER’.

Earhart Crew Blog Review of the Week

Overall it was a very positive week for Earhart. We have some really notable members of Crew who have been working their socks off from day 1 of the lockdown period and have made massive efforts to do everything that has been asked of them. Mills, Charlotte, Lois Scarlett and Tyler get an extra pat on the back this week as they have completed all tasks but have also reviewed great feedback from their teachers about how well they are working through all of the online tasks set for them.




In the rest of Crew, we have definitely seen a lot of great progress in getting things done. Some of us were off to a slower start with work, (we don’t mind too much, we are living in a global pandemic after all!) there has been a marked increase in the amount work being produced and in the quality of it so I can’t wait to see what this week brings. There seems to be momentum building and if we can keep this up, we’ll be in the best possible shape when we finally do return to school!

We only had 4 members of Crew join us for our last hangout which was a little more disappointing. Mrs Robinson and I would really like to see a full house in our weekly hangouts so we can continue to help and support each other as Crew, with that in mind we have decided to make our Friday afternoon Crew sessions compulsory. We really want everyone to be present and in keeping with our Work Hard HoWL; arrive on time and prepared, and participate fully and mindfully. With that in mind, we’d like everyone to be a couple of minutes early to Crew (Fridays as 2pm) with their cameras on and mics off. This way, Crew will be as purposeful as possible.

In addition to this, Miss Robinson and I will be organising one to one tutorials for students via Google Hangout in order to support home learning and progress. Parents are very welcome to attend these sessions should they want to ask any questions or just check up on what work needs completing. To help with the organisation of this, Miss Robinson and I will be splitting Crew so we can give each students full attention (by splitting we mean just for tutorials etc, we’re still all Crew Earhart and will continue as normal!) We’ll be contacting students this week to organise a time to hangout:

Miss Robinson: Charlotte, Scarlett, Bradley, Alex, Bobby-Jack, Liam.

Mr Voltaire: Logan, Lois, Mills, Leighton, Tyler.

Keep up the hard work this week you lot and we’ll see you very soon!

We are Crew.


Footnote: Check out the baking from Mills this week for her own afternoon tea. She has kindly offered to bake me and Miss Robinson cake and fondant fancies every week until she leaves school and serve them with a brew! 🤪














Crew Attenborough Blog 1st May

A change in weather this week so Crew Attenborough Check in was indoors. Was good to see most students there, am hoping for 100% attendance on Tuesday at 12pm. Had some really good 1:1 tutorials with students this week, Friday has been a great day with getting my kids the support they need and getting them on track. Went on fieldwork with Ethan to the Smithsonian, use the link below to enjoy a good trip out without leaving the house.

Particularly proud of Charlie’s engagement with work, he’s smashing it at the minute, keep up the good work Chazza!

Discovering new things about my crew every week, which is nice after 4 years together, can’t believe we’ll soon be in year 11, it doesn’t seem 2 minutes since climbing on the coach to Wales!

Sorted my Kahoots! for Crew on Tuesday, get your thinking caps on guys. Here’s another one for you to try at home

I know my crew are growing up but Harley looks so different!

http://Smithstonian Museum tour

Crew Berger – Beautiful Work

Crew Berger have produced some lovely work over the last few weeks.  Checking the work tracker shows that Laura, Henry and Abi have been making progress and checking in regularly with most of their subjects.  Jac has been doing really well, working hard in all his subjects and he also produced this beautiful piece of artwork which was selected for the school’s online Art gallery this week!

Rex has been the stand out member of our academic crew over the last month.  He has been consistently completing tasks set across all his subjects and our tracker shows that he’s handed in every single piece of work that’s been set!  That’s a fantastic effort from one of our hardest working students!

Speaking of hard work – Isaac has been learning new skills in lockdown and seems to be heading for a career as a lumberjack…

Crew Berger don’t really go in for motivational quotes, or ‘Cat Posters’ as Rex and Jac call them, but we do occasionally listen to a motivational song.  So don’t forget to listen to Egg Sandwich at least once a week crew, to keep your spirits up and to remind you that being a bit daft sometimes is important too.

This week in Crew Earhart…

This week in Crew Earhart we have been focusing on seeking out the positives of strange difficult time in our lives. The check in this week was “What are you most looking forward to when the lockdown restrictions are lifted?” A challenging question, students responses were “to go to nandos” or “see my friends again” or “see all my family again.” It is certainly times like these that make you realise what is really important in life.

We also spent time looking at the expedition work tracker and challenging each other for why work has not been completed and praising those who have been working really hard. (Charlotte, Scarlett, Lois, Tyler)  Many students in our crew have struggled to get into any sort of routine or to complete work. We are now really trying to work on this. As Mr Voltaire said in our hangout “It’s not important as such what you haven’t completed it’s about keeping up now with the new expedition” This reminded me of the C.S.Lewis quotation:

This is a really important message for students in our crew who are getting closer to entering Year 11, a very crucial year for them all.  A year we which will be made easier by being crew and supporting each other. So let’s get motivated Crew and “change the ending!”

Crew need to start taking some tips and support from our own Charlotte Beard who is absolutely smashing it at the minute! Handing in work on time and to a exceptional standard. Well done Charlotte, we are very proud of you.

Alongside completing work, Crew Earhart have been enjoying having time to themselves. Students have been going on walks, bike riding, playing football etc. Check out the photos the students took of what they have been doing!






Also impressive work by Mills for her GCSE coursework.

See you all on Friday at 2pm! This time can we make sure that we all put our cameras on and turn off any distractions, getting together as a crew is really important… so be present!

Some beautiful work from Crew  Attenborough over the lockdown. Here are a few pieces. Big shoutout to Charlie also for working so hard, well done and keep up the good work. It was great to have a hangout on Tuesday with 10 of Crew attending, looking forward to seeing all of them next week.

Crew Attenborough Blog

Well its been a strange few weeks for Crew Attenborough and XP as a whole, getting used to working from home for all of us has varied, some of Crew have just got on with work, enjoyed a lay in and still chatted to their friends on social media. Others are still getting to grips with working online, or struggling with not being able to see their friends or just go out when they want. I am missing little things like just going for a drive thru or a trip to Meadowhall with my daughter, Charlie is missing KFC (big style) and Michaela is missing just being with her friends.

What I look forward to most every Tuesday is my Hangout with Crew, seeing the students, chatting, sharing stories, answering crew questions such as ‘would you rather be Batman with all the gadgets, or have no crime in the world?’ Checking in on work and whether any of our little ‘Family’ need extra help with certain subjects makes me feel I’m still doing my part and helping My Kids at this difficult time.

Checking in with parents has been lovely, hearing how siblings are helping each other, parents and students having desks both working from home, Harley still up every morning doing his paper round, Logan taking the dog out for walks, cooking his own food. When I get them back they are going to seem so grown up. Some of Crew have been with me since Wales, others have joined since and quickly became part of our Crew. I look forward to the time when Mrs Burns can nag them face to face but until then, keep working hard, keep smiling, help your parents and stay safe. Roll on Tuesday for my catch up.Parent Support Centre

Today I had a hang out with some of my crew Hahn students this morning and then had a hangout with my XP16 mentor group this afternoon.

For the crew check in chicken I asked both groups the same question,

‘ Tell me 3 words that would best describe the person you see yourself or want to see yourself being in 10 years time’

There was one recurring word that came up in 90% of answers which. is to be happy : )

There was a mixture of other words such as, Having a job, mentally well, homeowner, financially secure, sane, friends, earn a wage, responsible, successful, athletic, being employed.

For most of them ‘happy’ was the thing they said third which leads me to wonder if by managing to make the other things happen then hopefully this will cause them to be happy or at least help towards them being happy?

We went on to explore that these things that they want for their future self aren’t out of reach for any of them. They’re normal things that most people want in their lives and as parents what we want for our children. We discussed that what we do today and tomorrow etc can impact on how likely we are to fulfil those ambitions and although life has Unfortunately thrown a big obstacle in our way (CV19) we can still achieve those dreams by continuing our studies at home and learning new skills.

So, it’s important to crack on with your school subjects and keep submitting your work to your teachers, they are all there to help you, I know this because i’m in touch with them all and every time i’ve asked their support has been given. Keep doing the work you’ve been set but also find time to find out who you are and what else you like doing…..

Some students have taken up new hobbies such as photography, others are getting fitter by cycling and running and can also put this towards their DofE awards! I have post 16 students cooking for their families and baking. One student couldn’t join my hangout this afternoon because he was laying paving slabs in his garden so we will check in together later in the week.

If you spend time each week doing some studying, learning new skills, keeping active and helping out others such as your families you will easily achieve the person you want to be in 10 years time.

Don’t worry about what you did or didn’t do yesterday / last week last month etc, concentrate on the things you can still do today, tomorrow and next week, because before you know it you’ll be 10 years older.



Read all about it: Crew Earhart Checks In

It was great to catch up with Crew Earhart this afternoon for our weekly check-in. Lovely to see most faces in Crew with just three students not able to make it. Mrs Robinson and I are really pleased with how Crew Earhart are adjusting to the new ways of working and the challenges we’re all facing and it was great to see such happy and smiling faces. It certainly did us good to catch up with this lot and we hope it did for our students too.

Today, we chatted, checked in and played some games. For a little while, we did nothing, but we did nothing together! Looking forward to next week, Miss Robinson has set us all the challenge of baking something and bringing it to show in our hangout. I’ll be attempting my personal favourite; a lemon drizzle cake. Charlotte also has the great idea of us all learning to ‘shuffle’ dance too, which she is going to lead on next week!


In other news, here is Tyler. Still doing his bit for the community. Tyler, our own key worker, has not only kept up his paper round but has more than doubled his workload to make sure that people who can’t get out still get their daily news update and connection to the world. Well done, Tyler, keep it up. We’re all proud of you!