C22 Expert Visits

Students in C22 have recently enjoyed a visit from a number of experts in connection with their current expedition ‘War! What is it good for?’ and to help them answer the guiding question ‘How has conflict shaped out world?’. Firstly, students experienced what it was like to be soldiers in WW1 with a visit from Doncaster Museum where they participated in trench cooking and trench building. Students also handled a number of WW1 artefacts and weapons and had the opportunity to have their burning questions answered by a second WW1/2 expert. Finally, students have had the chance to take part in a session delivered by the Doncaster Conversation Club who work with local asylum seekers and refugees to enhance their understanding of how and why people flee war-torn countries. Great work from all in C22!

Guns, Germs and Steel Final Product

During November and December last year our year 9 students completed the expedition Guns, Germs and Steel. For the final product students used their research skills to design and develop a informative infographic that displayed key components to explain the conflict in their chosen country during World War One.

Here are some of the final products…

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We have a presentation of learning this Thursday 15th December for Year 9.

The presentation is an opportunity for the students to share their answers to the guiding question for the expedition “How has conflict shaped our world?”

The evening will have an art gallery theme and refreshments will be available.

Students need to stay in school between 3.15pm and the start of the presentation at 5.30pm. If students are bringing a change of clothes, they can leave this with their crew leader or in lockers, as appropriate.

Students must not leave the site unless accompanied by their own parent/s. They would need to be back in school for 5.15pm.

Students should be dressed smartly, so ideally in a shirt/blouse type top with either dark jeans, a skirt or trousers.

Year 9 Fieldwork to SHU on the 7th December

As part of the Guns, Germs and Steel expedition, we are taking year 9 students to Sheffield Hallam University to visit the microbiology lab. They will be back for school lunch.

Admiral will be going in the morning at 9am and will return for lunch at 12:30.

Skipper will be having an early lunch at 12:00 ready to set off at 12:30 and return at 3:30. (15mins later than normal)

Please contact the office or Year 9 STEM staff if you have any queries.
Thank you

Beautiful Work by Ben, Rae and Grace

In year 9, the students are undertaking the expedition “Guns, Germs and Steel”. As part of understanding their individual conflicts, that they will translate into an infographic product the students presented to the whole class of 2021 an overview. This beautiful work is the handouts created for the presentation.[gview file=”https://cdn.realsmart.co.uk/8fcb5ef6413072ba30cbe25fbf839dfb/uploads/2016/11/Ben-Rae-Grace.pdf”]

Y9 Holiday Extended Study- Skipper and Admiral

Students have been set 3 study tasks to complete over the half-term holidays.

Reading book 1 of ‘War of the Worlds’ with the texts that all students have been given. Students will also need to respond to the comments made on their historical essays and complete their final draft, alongside typing up their solider empathy responses from their books.

Y9 WW1 Experts

Year 9 classes worked with Doncaster Museum on Wednesday building trenches, dressing up like war soldiers, and learning about local war heroes from WW1.They have been working with a WW1 expert, asking questions about WW1 weaponry, recruitment, and handling props and real artefacts from WW1.

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