Crew EJN out litter picking this morning

Crew EJN were on ‘Clean Up’ this morning. We were lucky with the weather – even though it was cold and fresh, the sun was shining (and I think it woke them all up a bit!)

They were a little shocked at just how much litter had found its way onto the school grounds from the car park.


Good work crew EJN! A great way to be stewards of your school!

Nexus Dance Performance. Hall Cross Upper School

The Key stage 3 Cheerleading squad will be performing their routine at the Nexus Dance show.

Rehearsals are on Friday 24th January 4.15-5.15 (times have changed for pick up) we will arrive back at school at 5.30. This is for students only.

Dance Show Wednesday 29th January 6pm-8pm. Students will leave from school at 4pm. Students will receive 2 tickets for the performance all other tickets can be bought on the door at £3.

If you require anymore information please contact Miss O’Grady

A New Year for Crew MRO

As we approach a new term and we start a new calendar year it’s good to look back on the previous one…

Crew MRO’s first Presentation of Learning was a great success.

X26 gave a great performance of Silent Night – with a not so silent twist!

We ended the term with some fun Crew activities – snowman building!

Looking ahead we will build on those previous successes and I’m sure this will be another amazing term for Crew MRO.

XP Christmas Jumper Day was a big success!

Staff and students at XP came out in force sporting their Christmas jumpers today to raise money for ‘Save the Children’.

Pupils were in good spirits as you can see from the photos taken at this mornings community meeting.

I will announce the total amount of money raised when it has been counted.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for joining in and raising money for a very worthy cause.

Well done XP!

Crew EJN working on their teamwork

Crew EJN discussed what they thought good teamwork looked like then put this into action whilst playing benchball to burn off some of their energy!

We played against crew HMI over at XPE and are going to organise a re-match where we will meet again and test our teamwork within crew!

Our crew circled up half way through the game to discuss how they could change their tactics to win. They took it in turns to voice their ideas. Harrison was a natural leader who took the lead.

It was brilliant for our crew to spend some time outside the classroom and having fun whilst learning about eachother and developing our skills. Well done crew!

Mon – Fri with Crew MRO

On Monday Crew MRO used Academic Crew time to analyse their HOWLs data and celebrated the positive while also discussing where improvements could be made.

To conclude Friday Crew time we checked out by sharing a positive comment about somebody else in our Crew.

There is always room for improvement in Crew MRO to help us produce more beautiful work and to grow our characters even further but it was also really good to finish the week celebrating the great things we already see in each other.

I’m very proud of my Crew and we will continue to work hard to reach for the top of that mountain.

There once was a crew at XP…

It’s been a great start to a new term for Crew JNI: lots of praise, thoughtful pledges for the new term, and another fantastic Friday crew session!

Instead of our usual Friday Book Club, we had a bit of a change this week and did a Poetry Club. We looked at Edward’s Lear’s Book of Nonsense, thinking about what makes good nonsense poetry, and the structure of the Limerick.

Everyone in Crew JNI then got to produce their own nonsense poetry, and the results were wonderful and wondrously nonsensical! We were all howling with laughter — the perfect end to a lovely first week back, for what will surely be another term where we all get smart, work hard, and be kind.

Crew EJN making pledges for this term

Crew EJN (X26) have been making pledges this week. Everyone in crew has made a pledge that they want to achieve this term. Here are some examples:

  • Finish my extended study on time
  • Have the correct equipment
  • Improve my handwriting
  • Come to school earlier
  • To be more organised
  • Listen more in sessions
  • Come to school everyday
  • Always try my best
  • To concentrate and focus more in sessions
  • To get more praises this term

As a crew, we will re-visit these pledges each week to see if we are on track to achieve them.

Well done crew EJN! Lets fulfil these pledges!

What would be your pledge this term?

X26 student showing us how it should be done!

I wanted to give a student in my Crew a special mention for her hard work since starting XP in September. She will probably hate that I have made a fuss and posted this – but I wanted to share this beautiful book review that she passed on to me.

Nida from crew EJN in X26 produced this review based on the book ‘Ratburger’ by David Walliams in her own time. She wanted other pupils to be able to read it and know a little more information about the book before reading it. Nida really loves reading and gets through a few books per week.

She thought that producing book reviews like this might help other pupils who don’t have the same love of reading as she does.

I think you will agree with me that this is a really beautiful piece of work and I am looking forward to reading another book review!

Well done Nida! Keep up the good work!

p.s. please don’t be angry with me for posting this!

Beautiful Book Club

This week in Crew JNI we have been focusing our discussions in Academic Crew around our HoWLs. We each spoke about where we have seen other students working hard, getting smart, and being kind in sessions. Crew members spoke passionately about the hard work they have seen within lessons, and deconstructed what it means to work hard, get smart and be kind.


We finished this week off with our Friday Book Club. This week, we read a chapter of The Giver  together before students went and produced some amazing ‘Blackout Poetry’ (pictured below). The poetry is created by picking out and circling certain words in a text to create a poem. Students worked hard on this, creating poetry from the chapter we had read, and I think you’ll agree, they produced some amazing pieces. Keep up the good work, Crew JNI!