There once was a crew at XP…

It’s been a great start to a new term for Crew JNI: lots of praise, thoughtful pledges for the new term, and another fantastic Friday crew session!

Instead of our usual Friday Book Club, we had a bit of a change this week and did a Poetry Club. We looked at Edward’s Lear’s Book of Nonsense, thinking about what makes good nonsense poetry, and the structure of the Limerick.

Everyone in Crew JNI then got to produce their own nonsense poetry, and the results were wonderful and wondrously nonsensical! We were all howling with laughter — the perfect end to a lovely first week back, for what will surely be another term where we all get smart, work hard, and be kind.

Beautiful Book Club

This week in Crew JNI we have been focusing our discussions in Academic Crew around our HoWLs. We each spoke about where we have seen other students working hard, getting smart, and being kind in sessions. Crew members spoke passionately about the hard work they have seen within lessons, and deconstructed what it means to work hard, get smart and be kind.


We finished this week off with our Friday Book Club. This week, we read a chapter of The Giver  together before students went and produced some amazing ‘Blackout Poetry’ (pictured below). The poetry is created by picking out and circling certain words in a text to create a poem. Students worked hard on this, creating poetry from the chapter we had read, and I think you’ll agree, they produced some amazing pieces. Keep up the good work, Crew JNI!

X26 XBlock Drama

This week in XBlock Drama Year 7 have been working on their use of characterisation skills. The task in today’s lesson was to create still images of traditional children stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The students worked hard to create images that were interesting and realistic. I was really impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of their work!

Excellent work X26!


Crew JNI Vote for Ambassadors

This week in crew we have voted for our ambassadors — members of our crew that will give tours to visitors coming to XP.

First of all we deconstructed the notion of ‘ambassador’ and we listed some features of excellent ambassadors. Then, crew had a short opportunity to write some reasons why they would be a great ambassador before speaking in front of crew.

The speeches were impassioned and showed the dedication of students that love their school. Even when some members of our crew couldn’t find the right words, others helped them by telling them why they were so amazing!

We voted in our private polling station (the cupboard). The votes were counted and Reuben and Ava were elected! Well done, you two.

We finished off the week by writing one word that summed up our day and unpacking these together. Support for those who needed it was heartfelt and warming, as everyone left feeling wonderful and positive, ready for a restful weekend!


It’s the Start of the Beginning in Crew JNI

Last week Crew JNI had a fantastic start.

We caught up with each other after a busy week in Wales. By looking back at the trials and tribulations we unpacked a hectic but fun week, noticing where we had developed our characters. We discussed how we have developed the courage to have a voice and how this will help us this year at XP.

We also started our book club! We are currently reading The Giver, a dystopian novel by Lois Lowry. Can’t wait to see how it goes, we’ve already made lots of great predictions with where we think it’ll go, but I’m sure it will surprise us.

Lastly, we were lucky enough to get one of our crew sessions filmed for a special film about the amazing work here at XP. Special appreciation to Kristian and Ava who had the courage to be interviewed about their time so far at XP.

Congratulations crew JNI on your first week of working hard, getting smart, and being kind.