Crew MRO’s Daily Check-in

Keeping up with our routine of a daily check-in, Crew MRO have been sharing all sorts of interesting answers to our check-in questions… what would your answers be?

  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Ben’s answer: Brunei

  • Name 5 toppings you would put on a pizza.

Alana’s answer: I don’t like pizza 😂😂

  • If you could have 2 super powers, what would they be?

Luke’s answer: Be able to control animals and breath underwater

  • Share something that has made you smile over the last 2 weeks.

Mollie’s answer: Ummm My art because I have improved a lot.

A suggestion from Liam if you can’t get your hair cut was to go for a re-style… so Mr Robins also gave this a go!…

A New Year for Crew MRO

As we approach a new term and we start a new calendar year it’s good to look back on the previous one…

Crew MRO’s first Presentation of Learning was a great success.

X26 gave a great performance of Silent Night – with a not so silent twist!

We ended the term with some fun Crew activities – snowman building!

Looking ahead we will build on those previous successes and I’m sure this will be another amazing term for Crew MRO.

Mon – Fri with Crew MRO

On Monday Crew MRO used Academic Crew time to analyse their HOWLs data and celebrated the positive while also discussing where improvements could be made.

To conclude Friday Crew time we checked out by sharing a positive comment about somebody else in our Crew.

There is always room for improvement in Crew MRO to help us produce more beautiful work and to grow our characters even further but it was also really good to finish the week celebrating the great things we already see in each other.

I’m very proud of my Crew and we will continue to work hard to reach for the top of that mountain.

X26 XBlock Drama

This week in XBlock Drama Year 7 have been working on their use of characterisation skills. The task in today’s lesson was to create still images of traditional children stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The students worked hard to create images that were interesting and realistic. I was really impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of their work!

Excellent work X26!