Have a Break, Have a Chit Chat

It’s been great catching up with everyone in Crew JNI this week to see what everyone has been up to over the break, and it seems you guys have been up to lots!

Oscar has been out fishing with his family, waking up at 6 in the morning (on a half term???) to make sure he was ready bright and early to catch the best fish. And it looks like it paid off: look at that absolute whopper he caught — Captain Ahab will be coming to you for tips, Oscar!

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Kira has been learning how to do tie-dye, and even taught her younger brother how to do it too! Continuing with this creative streak, Kira has also been doing some cross-stitching, loads of baking, and even been experimenting making different ice-lollies from Ribena and even Pepsi!

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Asha has also been getting arty! She told us all about how she has been getting into painting, something she hasn’t done for a while, and creating all sorts of brilliant pictures. She’s also been recycling old cans and turning them into flowers, and doing lots of baking as well!

Ava updated us all on her entrepreneurial venture as well. Over the break she has been busy finalising some designs for the t-shirts that she’s been making. She produced a fantastic design for her art work one week, and she’s printed it on a t-shirt and added to it, and it looks BRILLIANT! She’s got some on order to start selling — Well done, Ava!

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Maddie has been busy catching up with family and spending that all important quality time together. One highlight of Maddie’s time off was getting to catch-up with her grandma and go on a walk with her up to the old railway bridge. It’s always important to do this, and it’s great to hear Maddie has been able to make time to do stuff with her family!

Kristian has been busy spending lots of quality time with his family too! They had a fabulous celebration for VE Day and he’s also been busy at the allotment too. He’s growing some great veg: carrots, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and more! There’s something almost magical about growing something from nothing, and Kristian’s definitely inspired me to get back to the garden!

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All in all it seems everyone has had a fantastic break!

I also want to say a big WELL DONE to Crew JNI for all he hard work that has been put in this week to make sure that all of your tasks are completed! At this rate, it looks like we’ll be winning the crew prize for most work completed — KEEP IT UP!

Crew JNI meet on google hangout every Wednesday at 1:30, so keep your eyes peeled for the invite each week.



We are back to school for a new term. Back to home learning and trying our best – having good days and bad days and just trying to get through and stay safe.

Crew EJN were ready for a break and a little time off last week. Luckily the weather was absolutely stunning!

This is what crew got up to:

Arthur went on lots of walks, met his grandad and took Dotty the dog for a walk and play. He had his first KFC in months (Its was delicious!) He went to Birkin fisheries for ice cream and a picnic and he saw lots and lots of ducklings. He also made a bug hotel for his garden by cutting lots of bamboo up and putting twigs around an old pop bottle in a plant pot. He also painted a pebble to say thankyou to the NHS. 

Brandan went to Cleethorpes for the day (social distancing of course) and sat and played on the beach. He also went to his sisters for the day where they had a new pool and a 7ft dinosaur sprinkler called Dino.

Tammy built a bird table and found an old colouring book to colour in. 

As well as being out in the sunshine, crew were still keeping busy with their home learning tasks.

Max has created some lovely artwork based on the artist Kandinsky

Crew EJN have also made a cracking start on their Visual Dairies for their new expedition called ‘Above all, compassion’. Here are their front covers

Im really proud of crew EJN and all their hard work. They have enjoyed their holiday and have got back to working hard with their home learning!

Well done crew!

The return of stop the bus!

We had a lovely catch up after the half term break. Thanks to all those that joined. Our half terms seemed to have consisted of ice creams, enjoying the sun and visiting family (social distancing observed!)
Bec kept her crown as ‘stop the bus’ champion! Closely followed by Hubert and Danny. Good effort everyone.

L has been planting flowers that attract bees this week and thinking about the environment and how important bees are to our survival!
Bee FACTS! – an average worker bee makes 1/2 teaspoon of honey in its whole lifetime!
Honey was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun and was still edible (I wouldn’t have fancied it myself, YUK).

Lily and James have been making some very yummy food.

Well done Lily for catching up on work over the half term.
Well done to those who have also been turning them trackers green 🙂 ACE!

James’ donuts. YUM!

Lily’s cheesecake. Looks professional! WOW!

Lily’s recipe

Bec’s brilliant Spanish work 🙂

Bob’s Spanish work

See you all next Tuesday at 10:30

Take care

Mrs Hannam

Kira’s Week

For most people, an important part of staying sane during this period of lockdown has been keeping in touch with friends and family. It’s been such an important part for us as a crew too.

As you know, we have regular hangouts every Wednesday to hear what everyone has been up to. This week, Charlotte’s been busy on her Animal Crossing game, starting her adventure on her very own island. Ava has been continuing her entrepreneurial fashion pursuits and Maddie has been spending lots of time playing games with her siblings.

However, this week we’ve been treated, as we didn’t just hear about Kira’s past week. Instead, her mum also shared some brilliant pictures with us — it’s nice to see so many smiling faces (and amazing looking cakes!)

There’s more to lockdown than washing your hands, there’s marshmallows and organelles…

Over the past week Kira has had an incredibly busy one: she’s been getting her Mary Berry on and baking for her brother’s birthday. She made some fabulous cupcakes and an excellent birthday cake. It all looks worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake — very well done, Kira!


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Alongside working hard and completing lots of school work, Kira has also been working with her mum and looking at cells and the different organelles! She’s mixed this with her artistic flair and has has produced an excellent diagrammatic model of a cell. After all that hard work its always good to relax, and Kira certainly been making the most of her down time! She’s been enjoying the sun in their pool, and toasting marshmallows as the evenings draw in. But to top it all of, Kira’s had a wonderful tea party, which looks like something straight out of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!

What an absolutely fabulous week, Kira!

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Keep the pictures coming, we love to see what everyone has been up to — you can send them to: jnixon@xpschool.org

Remember, we have 2 weeks off, so make sure you give yourselves a well-deserved break! I will be sending a reminder on Monday for any work that needs catching up on as well, so check your inboxes.

Crew MRO – Heading towards the end of term!

It has certainly be a different term. One we will never forget, but it has also involved the similar qualities as any other term at XP.

  • We have shown courage to deal with all the changes and worries within the current situation.
  • We have displayed respect for our community by following government guidelines.
  • We’ve continued to develop our craftsmanship and maintained our quality of work.
  • We have shown compassion to members of our households, loved ones, extended families, our communities and of course the key workers of our country.
  • And finally we have shown that integrity is so important. Doing the right thing, even when no-one is watching. Whether that is staying at home when we really want to go out or not Googling the answers while doing a ‘hangout’ quiz!

Here is a little reminder of what we look like as a Crew…

We wish everyone a healthy 2 week break and look forward to the time when we can create an updated Crew photo.

Surprising revelations made by crew

This week we went back to basics a little for our crew google hangout. We discussed a few protocols like ‘microphones to be on mute unless you have been directly asked to speak’ and to put your hand up and wait if you have a question. I decided to go through this because our previous hangouts have been a little rowdy and off topic. When everyone talks at the same time, it’s really difficult to hear anyone.

Once the new rules had been established, we did our check in which was ‘What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?’. Now, this is where I was really surprised! There were some very unexpected answers. For example:

Broccoli, olives, ketchup (who doesn’t like ketchup!?), garlic, asparagus, shepherds pie, instant mash, coleslaw, tuna, Harry Potter dog food flavoured jelly bean and finally – a caterpillar and a worm!!

After those revelations, we looked at our crew tracker. This is where I have been keeping tabs on crew and their progress with their home learning tasks. I have shared this document with parents as well so they can see the work that is being completed and what needs to be done.

By talking about work that some members of crew have completed  – it really helps the other students understand the tasks and help each other (which has been really lovely to see)

We then moved onto a quiz which was made up of four rounds; general knowledge, films, music and capital cities. Jessy won with a massive 24 out of 25, with Arthur coming second with 21 and Tammy third with 20. Olivia has volunteered to prepare a quiz for next week and be the quizmaster. I wonder how many questions I will be able to answer!

REMEMBER – our crew hangout is every Tuesday at 12 noon and is compulsory. 

All but one crew member attended the last one, it would be SO good if we had every member of crew joining next week (and every week that we are in lockdown).

I would also like to say a big well done to Olivia, Arthur, Harrison and Max for joining Miss Vayro’s google hangout session for Hums on Mondays at 1.30 and also Nida for joining one.

Can ALL crew please ensure that they join Miss Vayro’s hangout EVERY MONDAY at 1.30 please.

This will help you with your expedition and also give you an opportunity to stay in contact with your classmates (which I think is really important).

Lastly for this week, I wanted to share some emails that I received from Mrs Collinson. She wanted to let me know that some members of crew EJN have been working really hard on their Spanish work:

Massive well done! Keep it up.


Dragons Do Exist

This week during our crew session we thought back to Wales and the time that has passed whilst we have been at XP. We couldn’t believe that this time last year, we were all getting ready to start our journey together! It was surprising to think how the quickly the time has gone…

We did an all important check-in with each other to see what everyone has been up to. Asha has been keeping up with her gymnastics, meeting her group online for practice every few days, and Oscar has been doing the same with his martial arts.

Ava has been getting creative once again, and has started her own business venture, customising fashion pieces to sell on — I’m sure you’ll see me rocking the latest line when we’re back at school!

William and Maddie have both been spending lots of time with family, celebrating birthdays or playing games with siblings, which seems more important now than ever.

Speaking of birthdays, it was Kristian’s birthday on Saturday so a big


is definitely in order. He said he had a great day and enjoyed celebrating with his family and his bearded dragon.

Yes, dragon’s do exist — here is Jeffrey, Kristian’s bearded dragon, as proof:

Anyway, stay safe Crew JNI and enjoy the bank holiday!

Crew is at 1:30 every Wednesday.

Mr Nixon will also be emailing out at the start of next week for hangouts to help go through any work that has been missed.

Crew MRO – Birthdays and Appreciations!

During our Lockdown period we have now had 2 birthdays within our Crew. There are a couple more to come in June, I’m sure these are birthdays they will never forget.

Download (PDF, 79KB)

Download (PDF, 79KB)

Staff have been working incredibly hard to support students and Liam had an appreciation for his Maths teacher…

Download (PDF, 78KB)

This week also saw our highest attended Google ‘Hangout’ – Well done Crew!

Quizzy Rascals!

Had another lovely crew hangout this week (even though I lost the plot going on about Eurovision!)
Rebecca won our quiz! Well done!
A massive well done to L, Bec, Bobby, Zarina, Lily and Hubert for keep up with (or trying to!) their work. Keep going.
Make sure those of you I spoke to get their STEAM final assessment completed, thanks! Well done Stevie for getting this piece of work done, great to see you handing in work now.

This week:
Spanish :Y7 Term 3 Week 7 Mis ojos y mi pelo
HUMS:Rainforests, Location and Climate- Case Study one/Week one ANDAmazon Travel Guide
STEAM: Lesson 3 – I can describe negative human impacts on the environment (w/c 4th May)
Maths: Expedition week 1 – 4th May – Immersion and averages
ART: Colour and Kandinsky Week 4

Here’s a selection of some of our work – very proud 🙂




Crew MRO Stepping it up!

I won’t go as far as to say we are now used to our ‘new normal’ but we are definitely getting to grips with many of the new ways of doing things!

It’s been great to see all of Crew getting more involved with our Google Classroom and the daily check-ins, the Google ‘Hangouts’ and contacting each other to see how things are.

It feels like we have really re-visited those core values that we hold so dear and of course showing, above all – compassion.

Big ‘shout out’ to the following students in particular…

Also a massive well done to Ebony who completed the 3 Peaks Challenge with her Dad and members of her football team…

Finally as we start new expeditions and head into another week, sometimes it’s the small things that catch our eye in amongst the busy days. This week it was this plant called ‘Bleeding Hearts’ in my garden.

Each week we step it up and achieve more and more as a Crew. Moving forward and making progress is a real achievement in this current situation – Well done Crew MRO!