Crew Tomlinson- Academic Crew in the cold

Last Thursday Crew Tomlinson completed an activity with Crew Stan Lee to think about HOWL grades with a little orienteering. Crew Tomlinson showed great teamwork, working together and supporting each other to get all the letters and complete the questions. Thanks to all crew who were a little cold but had a fantastic session!

Crew Piper make new pledges for this term.

Crew Piper

We have been looking at our overall attendance this last couple of weeks during crew and this has gone on to form some of our pledges for this term. We discussed the importance of attendance and how it can affect our learning.

Each member of Crew Piper has delivered their own check in during crew, things such as favourite book to favourite dog. In PHSE we have been discussing the importance of healthy living and how we should try to include all 7 nutrients into out diet so we can stay nice and healthy.

Keep up the good work Crew Piper

Tomlinson and Stan Lee’s Bake Sale Success!

Crew Tomlinson and Stan-Lee have worked really well this week organising a bake sale at XP. All members of both crews contributed by either bringing cakes in, serving students or rounding people up to make sure we made the sale a success! We had so many goodies that we managed to hold the bake sale on Thursday and Friday this week and everything was sold! Brilliant effort by all and we can’t wait to see how much was raised!

Crew Tomlinson- AR Reading

This morning in crew we completed our crew session on Accelerated Reader. All students were really respectful of the other members around them to make sure they didn’t distract each other. We also had a conversation about the importance of reading books that we enjoy and also challenge us. A great morning which set us all up for the rest of the day!

Crew Stan Lee – Check in

Today is AR for Stan Lee! However, before we start we always circle up and do crew check in. In today’s crew Frankie did a round of splat, this got everyone up off of their feet and engaged.  Our Winners were Beth and Alfie. Well done!

X25 Students working with the Conversation Club

Over the past two weeks students in X25 have been working with the Conversation Club.  A charity based in Doncaster that offers support to refugees and asylum seekers.  We have taken part in workshops about Migration and on Monday we had the privilege of meeting and interviewing people who are currently seeking asylum in Doncaster. Their stories gave us a real insight into the realities of migration and made us realise that the community of Doncaster can do more to help.

Our task now in X25 is to come up with ways we can help and put them into practice! After all… above all else is compassion!

X25 Crew Piper’s new skill

Crew Piper having been learning a new skill this week. They have been learning to sign their name and on the back of this they have decided to learn how to sign Lewis Capaldi’s song Somebody to Love. Here is them practising this in afternoon crew. So proud of them for all their hard work. Go Crew Piper.