Crew Piper in lockdown

Another week of hard work and great efforts from Crew Piper. Very impressed with some of the fantastic pieces of art that has been created by crew. Here are just a few.


Crew hangout today was a quiz from Tom and Miss O’Grady. Winners were Macey and Olliver but I don’t know how they got all my riddles correct. It was nice to laugh and joke with crew today during the quiz and we even had some Tik tok’s dances in there.

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday and enjoys relaxing with family. Take care

Crew Piper

Catching up with Crew Piper

Crew Piper have been in high spirits this week decorating and making lots of exciting things.

Jake has been decorating this house ready for VE day.


Grace sent a fantastic video of her making a milkshake for her challenge “Whats in your cupboard” which I have shared with crew. Matej has been going for walks with family and sent a picture of the lovely woods.

It’s great to see crew going out and exploring and creating things at home keep it up. I attempting some baking this week which I was proud off and will put some pictures on when I start getting better.

It been great to have hangouts this week to complete work and assessments. Tom, Oliver, Olliver and Josh have been working hard this week on science. Well done to Kiera, Ilinca, Grace, Matej, Ben,Jake and Macey for beautiful HUMS work.

Remember Miss Robinsons hangout on Monday look our for the invite and can all Crew please come to the hangout on Tuesday 10.30. Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend.

Take care

Year 7/8 Common Mission

As part of Common Mission in year 7/8 we are launching The Book of Memories. Crew leaders will be sharing this during google hangouts. We would like you to produce a virtual (slides) or book of your memories during this time so that we can look back and reflect on our time at home.

Each week you will be given a theme to help you create your book of memories and give you ideas of activities you might be able to do at home. Your crew leader will share the introduction with you and how you can make your book and also the first theme which is “What is in my cupboards”

We look forward to seeing your ideas and sharing with us what you have been up to whilst at home.

Stay Safe Everyone

Ilinca’s Year 8

Praise week for Crew Piper

WOW, lots of praise this week for Crew Piper. Students are showing an excellent positive attitude towards work. Fantastic effort to those students who have been catching up with work and also completing work set this week. I am so proud of you for getting on with the work whilst at home and attending google hangouts to check in with everyone. Well done to Kiera and Grace in Spanish. Macey for your efforts in science. Big well done to Tom who is flying through his work. Ben and Jake have been working together well done. Oliver and Josh for trying really hard in your google hangouts to complete work. Olliver L has been working hard to complete his Spanish. Ilinca has been on fire with her work this week and Matej for starting his virtual book of memories. Wow everyone this is amazing, keep it up.

Loving the new expedition set by HUMS this week, great immersion to set the students off on their new expedition. Students have been working hard on the STEAM expedition this week and completing assessments from home. Super amazing.


Crew this week have been set a new challenge to start their book of memories. I asked them to share it with the crew. Here are a few pictures of what they have done so far. Thank you Kiera and Ilinca for sharing your work with us. It is really important that we reflect during these times and what a fantastic way to do it.



Remember Miss Robinson has a hangout at 11.30 on Monday for the next part of the expedition.

From Crew Piper stay safe and keep active.

Piper’s crew are grateful for………..

During this weeks hangouts we have been talking about what we are most grateful for during this time at home. We have had some lovely conversations around this from chats about family, friends and the simple things in life. Here are some of our thoughts:

Miss O’Grady- I am grateful for the support from my friends and family. It has made me appreciate how lucky I am. 

Jake- I am grateful for my friends helping me and being there for me when I am bored. 

Oliver G – I am grateful for doing some outdoor and indoor activities.

Tom – I am grateful for having a dog so I can go on walks.

Olliver L- I am grateful for getting to spend more time with my family   

Kiera-I am grateful for my garden because I can go out in it for fresh air as some people don’t have gardens.

Grace- I am grateful for having my family who I can talk to and have support from when I’m really struggling or when I’m bored. 

Joshua  – I am grateful for my family, for my crew and crew leader who has helped me over these last few weeks. 

Macey- I am grateful that my friends and family are ok

Matej: I am grateful for having such a supporting and healthy family who have gave me the strength to keep going in these situations .

Ben-I am grateful for my friends for keeping me occupied on Xbox during this time.

I am super proud of my crew this week as students are catching up on work missed and also challenging themselves when they have completed work. We are working together as a team and helping each other out by having hangouts to complete work together, that is what crew is all about. Crew Piper are the best. 

Reminders of the week- 

  1. Complete book of memories for next week during Common Mission time.
  2. Miss Goddard google hangout Monday 27th April 10.30
  3. Miss Robinson google hangout Monday 27th April 11.30
  4. Crew Hangout Tuesday 28th April 10.30

Have a fantastic weekend from Crew Piper, here are some photos to show you what we have been up to.





Jakes Beautiful art work in the garden.

Quiz time for Crew Piper

During this strange time it is always good to keep laughing and smiling and this morning Crew Piper joined in on a crew quiz led by Ben and Jake. It was full of random questions and a couple of challenges to keep everyone laughing (mainly at me). Well done to Olliver L on winning. It was great to chat to everyone about Easter and what they have been up to over the past week. We have met a few pets this week Josh’s pug Stanlee and Kiera’s new puppy Marley. A few of the crew have been baking and helping in the garden and Jake has a new hairstyle.

I have asked Crew Piper to send me in some pictures for us to share so hopefully they will be posted next week. Remember our next check in Tuesday 10.30 and then Friday 11.30 (Olliver L quiz). If everyone can attend that would be great.

Thanks to Oliver G who has sent me a picture of the flowers they are going to plant to re create their garden. Also thanks to Ben for showing us some tricks in the garden.

Stay safe from Crew Piper

Crew Piper Google Hangout check in

This morning was our first google hangout check in. Half of the crew turned up for a check in. Miss O’Gradys lack of IT skills worked eventually LOL. It was fab to see and chat to everyone. We talked about what we had been up to and everyone was getting on well with the work but also making sure they spend time with family. We talked about what films we have watched and there were some good recommendations such as Snitch, Umbrella Academy, Thor.

I would like to say thank you to my crew for continuing to work hard and to parents for supporting with the work. Here is our smily photo(in the rain) from the first day we became a crew it always brightens my day.

Keep smiling everyone and take care.

Miss O’Grady

X25 Fieldwork to Oakham Castle

On Tuesday X25 went on fieldwork to Oakham Castle to enhance their understanding of the Medieval Period. Oakham Castle worked really hard to create an itinerary which built upon our learning in the classroom. Throughout the day we did a variety of interactive and thought provoking tasks such as taking part in a Peasants’ revolt role-play, playing a game called ‘Surviving the Black Death’ where groups of peasants had to battle to survive against all odds and participating in a debate over democracy verses dictatorship in the courtroom of the Great Hall.

We all throughly enjoyed immersing ourselves in medieval life. The students came back into school yesterday with a stronger understanding of the context and events of this time period. Which is exactly what fieldwork is all about! If you haven’t been before Oakham Castle it is certainly worth the visit!

X25 Fieldwork to Oakham Castle

On Tuesday 21st January, all of X25 will be going on fieldwork to Oakham Castle in order to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the Medieval Period.

This is going to be an important piece of fieldwork as it links directly to our new expedition which is entitled ‘I’ve Got the Power!’ with the guiding question of ‘How does power affect us?’ 

Students need to ensure they are at school by 8.15am as the coach will be leaving at exactly 8.30am. The students will then return to school at 5.45pm. 

As some of the activities are outside and involve physical movement, students will need to dress accordingly. Therefore, warm clothes that are easy to move in would be most appropriate.

Students will also need to bring a packed lunch that they can eat whilst at Oakham Castle.

We are aware that this is the day after the Presentation of Learning at CAST Theatre, so students maybe tired, however this is an opportunity that cannot be missed. So please help us to make sure that all students attend.

If you have any further questions about the Fieldwork next week please do no hesitate to contact school or the students Crew Leader.