Last week I posted the excellent field work and data collection of the local ecosystem, that X25 completed. This week, students used the data collected to built food chains and then grappled incredibly hard to build an XP ecosystem food web.

Learning Target: I can combine food chains to form a food web.

Next week, we will be investigating what might happen if disease killed one of the species in XP ecosystem or a completely new species was introduced…

X25 fieldwork this week

A reminder that year 7 students will be visiting sites of former quarries to study Doncaster’s rock strata this week.

7 Admiral will be going on Wednesday 20th March.

7 Skipper will be going on Thursday 21st March.

Students will need a pack up lunch, a pencil and clothes that will keep them warm and dry. Long trousers or bottoms will be needed as we will be going through some overgrown areas. Wellies are preferable as it is likely the areas will be muddy.

We plan to return to school by 3pm each day.

X25 Celebration of Learning – REMINDER

A reminder that the X25 (Year 7) celebration of learning is this Wednesday evening, 19th December from 5.30pm until around 7.00pm.

It is important that every student has someone from their family at this event as it helps to provide an authentic audience for their work in what will be a great celebration of their efforts in their very first learning expeditions at XP.

Students are asked to dress smartly as this is a formal occasion. Students can bring a change of clothes or can choose to attend in smart clothes for the whole day.

Student must stay in school between 3.15pm and the start of the celebration of learning. They will be given some time to relax after school and before the last rehearsals, so they can bring a pack up tea if they choose.

We look forward to seeing you this week!


Many thanks

C24 Y7 MyMaths extended study

This term we are looking at the efficiency of energy transfers as part of our expedition “Where is away?”. An important part of this is being able to work out and interpret efficiency when expressed as a percentage.

All Year 7 students have been set 3 MyMaths exercises as a baseline to test their knowledge of working out percentages of amounts.

If students are stuck they can:

  • Watch the videos linked here:
  • Click on the lesson in MyMaths before trying the online homework.
  • Email me through google classroom.

The deadline is Monday evening at 8pm.


All year 7 students will be taking part in a presentation of learning at Tichkill Community Library on Thursday 5th April.

Students will be showing their lift the flap books, organ system games and discussing their knowledge of the Medieval Period from their last learning expedition with an audience of primary age children and their families from around Tickhill.

Students will leave and return in the school day. They will travel by minibus and spend around 1 hour at the library in four different groups over the course of the day. There is no need for students who have a school meal to bring a pack-up lunch as the group that go out over lunchtime will be made of students that normally bring a pack-up anyway.

We will post photographs and videos where we can, subject to members of the audience granting their approval.

A reminder that students need to earn 1000 points every week on times table rockstars

We will check each week at 8pm on a Friday.


To earn points quickest, students should play in the garage. This week it is 2s and 3s.

To bring down their average time, students should play in the studio.

To have most fun, students should play in the rock arena against their friends, or rock festival where they play against the world!

All Year 7 students have two parts to their extended study:

  1. Four MyMaths exercises due on Tuesday 23rd Jan at 8pm.
  2. Two worksheet exercises due on Tuesday 23rd Jan at 9.15am

Students need to complete their working out on the worksheets, and then hand them in on Tuesday. The minimum expectation is that they do the “workout” section. If they are struggling or have not met the deadline, they will be given additional help in expedition support on Thursday after school.

There are more details on google classroom. If students need additional copies, there are links to the worksheets. There are also links to two videos that will help too.


Click to access common-multiples-and-lcm-pdf.pdf

Click to access common-factors-and-hcf-pdf.pdf


LCM and Common Multiples

Common Factors and HCF



The culmination of C24’s first expedition for the last few months will be from 5.30 to 7.00 on Tuesday 19th December.

As such, we would like to invite the parents, carers and families of all our Year 7 students to their first Presentation of Learning.

Students will share an extract from the product, which they have worked really hard on over the last few weeks.

Please have your car registration details to type in at reception on your arrival.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 19th! Thanks for your continued support!

Yesterday C23 launched their first book: Doncaster: What does the community owe to our miners? which looks at their understanding of the geology of Doncaster and why the mines came to be here; with the industrial and social histories that they have discovered; with the artwork that they have been inspired to create and with the stories that have compelled them to share and pass on, so that they might live on forever.

You can purchase this from the school reception for £9.95 or through our school online shop by clicking here.