Year 8 on a Spanish Adventure with Fairy Tales!

Year 8 kicked off their Spanish sessions this term with immersion, where they looked at cuentos de hadas, or fairy tales, in Spanish. This is in preparation for their work this term on going out, making plans, and saying why they can or can’t do something.

Students used their reading skills and grappled to work out the titles of 9 fairy tales. They looked for cognates and numbers, and used context to translate titles from Spanish into English. From there, students looked at the elements which most fairy tales contained, again translating these into English. Then, students split into groups and created a graphic organiser for their group’s particular fairy tale, which they then presented to the class.

Absolutely fantastic work from Year 8! Excelente!

X25 Spanish Extended Study

Last week our X25 students were asked to identify a range of European countries and conjugate the present tense of the verb “vivir” (“to live”). A task sheet based on the new vocabulary was set for Extended Study at the end of the session, and it is due to be submitted by X25 students on Wednesday 27th March.

Thank you.

Y7 / X25 Spanish Written Assessment

Our Y7 / X25 students are working towards producing an extended piece of Spanish writing in their next Spanish session. The outcome of this assessment will contribute towards data that is used to generate their Minimum Expected Grade in this subject. For AdmiralĀ students their assessment will take place onĀ Tuesday 5th February, and forĀ SkipperĀ students theirs will occur onĀ Wednesday 6th February.

Our students, their Crew Leaders and Learning Coaches have been provided with supporting documents to help them to prepare for this assessment. These may be found here:


X25 Admiral students grappling in Spanish

Last week out X25 Spanish students were introduced to items of stationery that might be found in their bag or pencil case… the unlikely event that they would need to borrow an item. They will now be able to ask for it in Spanish. Here they are completing a Tarsia word wheel puzzle to practise this new vocabulary. Some had eight pieces to match up, and others had a more challenging puzzle with twelve pieces to locate in the correct place. Bravo!


Year 7 Extended Study

Research Valentineā€™s Day in Spain/ Spanish speaking countries, for next Thursday 9th February.


write on paper or share in google doc


bueno suerte

Year 7 Extended Study for Spanish

Extended Study – Research a typical school day in Spain and write down 5 things about it in English, eg. start / finish time, how long for dinner, etc. for next lesson. Can do as a Google Doc and share.

Also think about craftsmanship and quality and look through your book to underline any titles and correct spellings in Spanish.

Answer any questions or tasks in your book

Deadline Thursday 17th November


Year 7 Spanish Extended Study

Both Skipper and Admiral have a task , Admiral for Monday 23rd November, and Skipper for Tues 24th. Each group has to research a typical school day in Spain, and write down 5 facts about it in English, eg. start / finish time of the school, how long they have for lunch. Any problems please see Mrs Sprakes.

Year 7 and 8 Spanish work for Closure Days

Both year groups are asked to access the espanolextra website using the user name xps200 and the password estadio.

Year 7 should click on topics, then the Alphabet section and spend around 30 minutes on those activities, then go to the Numbers section, remind themselves of the numbers 1 – 31 first, then spend 30 minutes on number activities.

Year 8 should also log on, go to the topics menu and click on the Countries section, completing the first activity, then go to the countries and their flags activity. They should then click on the Home Town section and complete the first 3 tasks.