Superstars in Crew Macmillan

This week has seemed even longer than last week – and it’s Thursday, not Friday! All the days seem to roll into one whilst away from Crew.

This week has highlighted a great deal of talent in Crew Mac, though. Courtney shared some photos with me of her artwork as part of the expedition Sagas, Sailing & Steel. I think everyone will agree with me about how amazing her work is!


Crew will also be set weekly challenges to complete before Friday’s Google Hangout.

This week, they have been asked to look at ‘gratitude jars’ – and tomorrow, each member of crew will have a little bit of time speaking about things they are thankful for in their life. They have been tasked with making this as simple or as complex as they like – there are already some lists being compiled, but take a look at what Heather has created already…

This way, Heather can continue filling her jar with positives – and keep a smile on all of our faces! I think this will be wonderful to open at the end of the year, too!

Keep working hard Crew Macmillan. There’s loads more great stuff going on behind the scenes, and i’m proud of every one of you. Keep me in the loop with your beautiful work, so we can share it with more people and showcase how great you really are!

WFH with Crew Mac

Firstly, I’d just like to reiterate (and I say this A LOT) – that this unprecedented situation has highlighted just how AWESOME Crew Mac really are.

I’ve spent this week checking in with students in Crew Macmillan who are currently working from home, as we all adapt to what will become our ‘new normal’ for the forseeable future.

We are going to aim to check in on a Monday and Wednesday via Google Classroom – and on a Friday, we will aim to host a crew session via Google Hangouts, so we can hear each other’s voices  or see each other’s faces – I, for one, am already missing seeing Crew Macmillan’s faces every day, so hopefully this may fill a small void!

[I do expect full attendance on a Friday if possible, though!]

It’s been wonderful to hear (from both students and parents/carers) that crew Mac have adapted well to not being in school, and most of them have been cracking on with academic work, alongside adjusting to being at home for an extended period (see below some FABULOUS notes by Archie for some HUMAN work!).










Remember, though, guys, that
  your well-being comes first.

Get the work done, but take your time – I don’t expect you to work solidly for 6 hours daily – break it down a bit! Get in the garden, do some baking, tie-dye old clothing, do some knitting, or ballet (Archie!) – whatever you do, make sure it makes you smile, and send me some pictures – so it can make me smile, too!!


Don’t forget, i’m also working from home – so if there’s anything at all you need,even if you just need to chat, or have any worries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at – if you prefer, we can schedule a call or a Hangout (just maybe not early morning, NOBODY wants to see that!)

Also, please do use our Parent Support Centre  for more guidance and support for whilst your child is at home.

Stay safe everyone, and stay home!

Miss C x

As part of their expedition “Sagas, Sailing and Steel” X24 students will be carrying out fieldwork at Sheffield Hallam University on Thursday 26th March.

Students will be testing the strength of different materials to help them gain a deeper understanding of how Viking swords were strengthened with materials from ancestral bones.

We will be leaving school by coach at 9.00am. We expect to return at around 3.00pm.

Students will need to bring their regular stationary: pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener.

They will also need to bring a pack-up lunch.

We do not expect to be outdoors for any great length of time so no specialist clothing is required.

Thanks as always for your continued support.

Crew Macmillan Brave The Cold

Last week, as a reward for EVERY ONE of Crew Macmillan passing their passage presentation [first time!], they decided they’d like to brave the cold and go outside to have a game of ‘capture the flag’ – a game that requires teamwork, communication, and a lot of stamina!

Crew worked well together and managed to choose captains, organise their own teams, and time manage. Archie and Courtney sat this one out due to injury – Courtney looked after crew’s belongings [see below, as a coat stand…], and Archie looked out for good sportsmen!

Great work Crew Mac – we’ll rematch soon, as it was a tie – just maybe not when it’s this cold!!!


X24 Fieldwork on Monday 13th January

X24 students will visit Hatfield Moor during the school day next Monday as part of the immersion into their immersion into their new learning expedition.

Students must dress prepared for the weather. It is likely to be wet/muddy so hiking boots or wellington boots will be needed as a separate change of footwear, along with a plastic bag to place them in.

Students will eat lunch in school as normal.

Skipper will visit Hatfield Moor in the morning and Admiral in the afternoon.

Image result for hatfield moors

Unpopular opinion: CHRISTMAS EDITION

In crew this morning, crew Macmillan found out who people TRULY were.

They were appalled at my opinion on pigs in blankets… but seemed to agree with Joe about sprouts?! weird…

Anyway, here are some our unpopular opinions…. Who do you agree with?



We also used a whiparound protocol – and challenged each others’ opinions as crew, building on our debating skills too!

Breakfast with Crew Macmillan!

We’re a little late in updating what we’ve been up to in crew…


But last week we had a wonderful crew breakfast, with students fulfilling a series of roles to come together and eat as a crew.











Some fantastic brews made by Courtney, Charlie and Archie on toast duty, and a discussion about our Christmas wishes for someone else – introduced by mystery pieces surrounding a number of current issues!




X24 Superbug! STEAM POL 9th December

Students from both Admiral and Skipper will be presenting this terms learning to parents on 9th December. This will consist of two parts that link the final question of “Why should world poverty matter to us in Doncaster?”, We hope to see all X24 parents here to support such an awesome cause.

As an adjustment to the above, X24 Admiral will be presenting at XP East and X24 Skipper will be presenting at XP

Kings Fund Conference 2019

Today, 4 of our students not only attended the Kings Fund Conference in Leeds, but they were speakers there, too! This has been a fantastic opportunity for our students as it’s a national conference focusing on mental health and youth services across the UK, and was a chance for them to present findings from research they took part in regarding youth services in Doncaster and how they could ‘live their best lives’.

Alfie, Kate, Scarlett and Rex have been completely amazing today from start to end, taking the delayed trains in their stride (with a hot chocolate – thanks Anna!)  and keeping their composure when we arrived at Horizon in Leeds.

The conference was split into workshops and breakout areas, ours focused on supporting young people in communities using a capabilities approach.

All 4 students spoke confidently, clearly and ‘eloquently’ (a word used by a conference delegate!) and did themselves, me, Anna and Carrie from Doncaster Council, and XP, proud!


During the Q&A session at the end Scarlett even received a round of applause from the professionals who attended our workshop as a result of her answer to a question about the negative effects social media is having on young people. Well done Scarlett!

It’s been an absolute pleasure spending the day with Rex, Alfie, Kate and Scarlett and multiple professionals stopped us to tell us how impressed they were with the young people – one lady stopped the girls to tell them how courageous they were for having the guts to stand up and present to a room of around 35/40 people – they told her “it’s just what we do!”.

Well done – that’s how we XP!