X24 Eyam Village fieldwork

Students from X24 will be visiting Eyam over the next two days. This visit will take place entirely within the school day (traffic dependent), therefore students require a packed lunch.

Admiral: Wednesday 4th September

Skipper: Thursday 5th September

Students will be spending some of their time walking and so will need to bring appropriate clothing and footwear, the current weather forecast suggests that we will have rain on Wednesday.


X23 Information Evening – Common Mission

In the months following their passage, X23 students have been looking at the ‘seven up’ TV programme and considering what and who they want to be, both in terms of their academic scholarship and the continued growth of their character.

X23 students are now at an important point in Year 9, where they will decide upon pathways of study and practice to compliment our core offer at GCSE.

As part of this process, students will be visiting some of the X22 and X21 sessions in the coming week and considering what is best for them in terms of their Common Mission of being both university-ready and ready for success in the modern world.

X23 students will consider the questions:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • What do I want to become?
  • Where do I want to go?


We would like to invite X23 parents and families to an information evening on Tuesday 19th February, from 5.00pm until 6.30pm. This will start at XP East in the performance area. During this time you will hear from Mr Sprakes about how students can compliment their core studies as part of their Common Mission. We will also discuss the criteria by which together we will consider which pathway is best for your son or daughter. For example, some students may study:

  • with a focus on their core subjects making sure that these are secure
  • an additional GCSE course
  • an additional technical qualification such as a BTEC or VCert
  • an arts award

You will also be able to go with your son or daughter to specific sessions – run by our teachers and students – which will explain the nature of some of the pathways that we offer.

We look forward to seeing you at this important evening.

C22 Preparation for Y10

I do appreciate there will be weeks where Tassomai can not be done and that the most important thing for students is that they have a rest this holiday, however if Tassomai can be kept ticking over it would be highly beneficial to students. 

I would be really grateful your support with this.

To both students and families, please have a wonderful summer and enjoy the deserved rest.

Mr Campbell

C22 End of year examinations

Year 9 will have their end of year examinations at the end of this term, in the week commencing 16th July.

Students will sit one GCSE style examination paper in each of the following core subjects:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Spanish

Over the coming weeks the focus of C22’s crew sessions will shift from their Duke of Edinburgh Award to preparation for these examinations and building a sensible revision plan.

Student performance in these examinations will determine the nature and level of support that they receive both in and out of sessions in Year 10.

Just a quick reminder for parents of the key dates for C22 students in Crew Nightingale and Bronte. Students will have their final kit check in Crew time on Thursday 14th June and will be bag packing on Thursday 21st June; as a result, students will have a later finish at school of around 5pm. Finally, the Friday the 22nd and 23rd June students will be completing their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh walk. Students need to arrive at school on Friday the 22nd at 7.15am. We would ask that parents please remind students of the need to take care while out on expedition and that mobile phones are not allowed, unless the group have decided that a specific phone is to be used as the emergency contact or it is part of their aim to use them at which point we will remove the SIM card which will be kept safe for the weekend.

Please watch the website during the Saturday afternoon, the expected time back at school is between 5 and 6pm, but this may change due to traffic or any vital de-gunging that may need to take place before students leave.

Mrs Sprakes and Mrs Batty

C21/C22 Parents: Tassomai

Students in Years C21 and C22 have the ongoing compulsory extended study of 10 minutes of daily quizzing on the Tassomai science learning programme. This system works to develop students retention and recall of key science facts and concepts by daily quizzing and interleaved retrieval practice. Tassomai done for a least 10 minutes per day will be massively important in ensuring students are GCSE ready. It is only effective when done little and often over the time until GCSE examinations. It is ineffective when not done and left until before exams.

We have been using Tassomai with students in since Christmas and have an expectation that it is done on a daily basis. However, there have been perhaps a significant number of students who have not used the program for many days and continue to do this sporadically despite reminders from members of staff.

We have therefore decided that students who have missed two days or more of quizzing in a week will attend a compulsory extended study session to catch up. Progress will be checked on a Friday and those students who need to then attend compulsory extended study will then do so on the following Thursday. We would greatly appreciate it if parents could give students a nudge to check whether Tassomai has been completed.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring our students develop strong habits of work and learning and in our aim of becoming exam ready.