All Together Now Final Product

During the Year 7 All Together Now expedition for 2015/16 students looked at examples of successful communities and unsuccessful communities and how they had come together to make it more successful. Students then produced a written reflection on the answer to the guiding question. They also produced a watercolour painting of an aspect of what they felt makes a successful community.

The final product for this expedition was an e-book that has an edited section of their work alongside their painting. This is the e-book…

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All year 7 students will be presenting their learning from their current STEM and Humanities & Arts expeditions this coming Thursday 15th Oct at 18.00pm.

It is really important that at least one person from every student’s family attends the presentation of learning.


This is a really important first step for our students on the road to becoming leaders of their own learning. It gives them a chance to practise articulating their own progress in academic learning targets and in their HOWLs.

They will be showing off how they have solved real world problems with measuring and perimeter, telling you all about what makes a successful community, explaining how a mars bar and scotch egg are decent models for the Earth and you as parents will be able to see their artwork and drafts that will go towards the final product for the final products for each expedition.

Students will be working hard this coming week to get their drafts ready, and so it is crucial that they have an audience for their work before the book and website launch teams start pulling all of our students’ drafts together for the final products.


Students will be required to stay in school from school, right through until the end of the event at around 1845 so they will need a pack-up tea. We can provide teas for students on free school meals if you let us know via email or through your son or daughter if you require one.

Since this is a formal event students should dress smart for the day, or they can bring additional clothes to change into if they choose.

Book Launch Evening Footage!!!

Thanks to all those who attended our first Book Launch for “What makes a successful Community?” last week. For those who could not attend or who would like to watch it all over again we have compiled a film of the night!!

Well done to all of the students especially the book launch team, Azriel, extract readers and the singers – Amazing Evening!!!

Thank you to all the parents that attended last night and bought our first book!!! For those who did not attend or those who would like to purchase further copies please pop into the office.

Both films shown last night were produced by the students themselves. Well done Grace and Anthony!!!