Year 8 Spanish Fastest Five!

Over the last five weeks,Year 8 have been working hard to answer their guiding question about holidays, “Estoy listo para un descanso?” They have described holidays in the past, including information such as where they went, who with, and activities they did. This week, we tried out a new online protocol called “Fastest Five”, where they respond to a picture and have to spell the word correctly. Not only were many students incredibly fast, we also had chance later on to develop some sentences around these pictures. Here is what Becky, Arthur and Charlotte produced.



X25 / Y9 Student of the week goes to…

In X25/Y9 the student of the week award goes to Guraaj for her outstanding contributions to discussion during online sessions and her conscientious attitude to learning.

Guraaj, you were nominated by several of your peers and teachers. You continue to exceed expectations and set an example of what working hard really looks like!

I have really enjoyed working with you in our Push to 4.0 group, your love for learning is infectious!  Keep being awesome, it certainly is not going unnoticed.


Here are a few comments your teachers/ peers have said about you:


  • My choice is a tough one. I would say this week it is Guraaj. I have no work to show as in Crew the focus has been passage and we don’t want that sharing yet until they have done it!! Gurraj has shown great HOWLS in relation to preparing for her Passage Presentation. She has also spent time helping and supporting other students in Crew to complete their work. Well done, Guraaj!

X25 GCSE Spanish tingle their tastebuds!

This week Year 9 have been exploring what’s good and bad for us in terms of all things food and drink…usually a teenager’s favourite thing to talk about! They have explored healthy versus unhealthy, explained how often they eat or drink a specific thing, and acknowledged whether it’s good or bad for them. Have a look at Kiera’s and Guraaj’s work.


Hi all,

Here is a rundown of some of the beautiful artwork that has been produced by our wonderful XP and XPE students during lockdown 3.0.

As a team, we have been blown away by the effort and resilience that our pupils are showing.

I hope you enjoy having a flick through their work as much as we have.

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Another Great Week in Years 10 and 11!

Dear Parents and Carers of Students in Years 10 and 11, 


It’s been another strong week for us here at XP in our phase. Whilst we are now almost four weeks into the term, our students have still managed to maintain the high levels of work and engagement and are producing some fine examples of beautiful work even from home and without access to resources they might usually have at their disposal. Friday’s community meetings were lively and happy meetings with many appreciations for students coming from staff and each other. The overall message this week was a simple one; we’re alright we are. If we keep attending and engaging with our learning online, we leave ourselves with all to play for as when we finally do come back to school and for whatever shape the final assessments do take. It is at this point that we stress again the need to attend online and get stuck into sessions. Whilst it’s been a busy week and has felt tiring at times, it is as important as ever to keep the momentum we are building as we move into next week and the long weekend with next week’s staff days. 


After that, in the week commencing February 1st we will begin Student Led Conferences which are always a positive occasion and this time around our students will be reflecting on their progress to date and what they need to do for the rest of this year in order to achieve the academic success which will set them up for the next phase of their education. Crew Leaders will be making contact with you to arrange times to take part in an online version of the SLC. We look forward to seeing you there. 


I’ll leave you this week with some more examples of beautiful work going on in online sessions and some of the praise that our students have received this week. 

Have a great week. 

Mr Voltaire

Assistant Principal of Years 10 and 11

Crew Thunberg Back At It Again!

So it turns out it’s still January even though it feels like we’ve been in lockdown 3 (or is it 2??) for about a thousand years.

HOWEVER Crew Thunberg have been rising to the challenge of distance learning and have been absolutely smashing it!

Attendance in online hangouts has been absolute near perfect and the engagement in online sessions has been great too. Here are a few of the highlights so far:

Y8 students have been working hard to produce some ‘Op Art’ and their own homages to Bridget Riley’s ‘Moving Squares’. Here you can see Lola and Ava’s fantastic work on these home projects:

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Fantastic work, girls!!

And I’ve also been sent this great picture from Kristian. A reyt good work set up! Cats? Check! Bearded Dragon? Check! Lego AT-AT Walker? Check!

Keep up the fantastic work, Kristian!

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Well done for the excellent engagement, everyone! Don’t forget to send in some more pictures – we love to see them!

Remember, it is a staff day on Friday (29th) and Monday (1st), so school and online learning will be off for those days. Also, SLCs are coming up – an email will be sent out in the next week inviting you to an online hangout where your child will be talking about their learning at XP this past term.

X26 Student of the Week goes to…

Bobby in Crew Pankhurst!

A massive appreciation to you Bobby for your hard work in your online learning sessions. Your teachers have mentioned how you have stepped up this week and completed beautiful work which evidences real thought and detail.

Here are some of the comments teachers have made about you:




Well done Bobby! Keep up the great work, it is not going unnoticed!

Year 10 X24 GCSE Spanish Get Smart

Today Year 10 have focused on being able to describe their reading habits; what they like and dislike to read, with explanations. This led to some interesting finds, including a love of football blogs and vampire stories! Students used a Think Pair Share Protocol to encourage thought and discussion, then worked on a writing exam task. Here’s what Alfie and Milla produced.