GCSE Psychology students are on it!

Our GCSE Psychology group have had a brilliant start to the year. Mrs Pulham and I have been super impressed with how focussed everyone’s been and how hard they’ve all been working.

It’s hard to stay on task for 2 hours, especially when the emphasis is on being leaders of your own learning and undertaking a series of self-study tasks, but these lot are absolutely smashing it!

It’s fantastic to see our Y10 and Y11 students supporting each other in these sessions, demonstrating that the power of Crew is embedded into everything we do.

Mrs Parker & Mrs Pulham

Ian Murphy workshop for year 9

Last week our year 9 students were lucky enough to spend the day working with artist, Ian Murphy.  This workshop was part of the immersion for our new expedition and allowed the students to spend the day improving their own practice and studying the beautiful canvasses, sketches, paintings and sketch books that Ian brought in to show us.


X24 Spanish Running Text

Today Year 10 carried out a running text protocol, working on short term memory. The text contained positives and negatives about the places we live in and can visit, and students certainly showed a sense of competition too. Have a look at them working hard towards the Learning Target ‘I can identify positives and negatives about a tourist destination’.


X24 Beautiful Spanish Work

This week X24 have been looking at tourist activities, with an emphasis on shops and shopping. Today they grappled with a KWL protocol, identifying what language they already know, but also working out what was new to them too. Have a look at the beautiful work from Imogen, Isaac, Kyra and Amber.

C24 Engineers are hard at work!

Earlier this year, the year 10 Engineering students were challenged to solve a problem which was affecting classrooms across the XP trust.  We currently have Apple TV boxes tucked behind screens in around 100 classrooms, and they need to be safely attached to a wall.  The Engineers began a process of designing and testing prototype Apple TV holders around 6 weeks ago.  They calculated the most efficient use of time and materials and last week were ready to put their theory into practice!  After some initial fails and a bit of critique, the students settled into their self chosen roles.  During this week’s session they refined the production line further, and they increased their production speed from 1 completed holder last time, to 15 in this session.  We’re hoping to ramp up production considerably and hit our target of 100 completed units by the end of the term.  The students are really motivated to be working on something that will have a positive impact on not just our school community here, but also across the trust.

X25 GCSE Spanish Immersion

This week students were quite curious about our mystery piece which started immersion…a silent video showing the beautiful and unusual interior of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. They then continued to create factual BBKs about the Basque Region of Spain, through text and video, eventually summising that our final topic is all about going to stay in that area, taking on a role as if they are on an exchange. Here are some of their BBKs.


Year 8 Skipper Spanish new protocol!

Year 8 have been working on a module all about clothes and fashion, with the guiding question ‘¿Está de moda estar de moda?’ Before the holidays they attempted a KWL protocol, looking at an extended text, working out what they already knew in Spanish, what they wanted to know, and what they learnt about the meaning of the word or phrases. Here are a few examples of the KWL’s produced.


A busy couple of weeks for crew Kahlo

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks in crew. We have been working hard and cracking on.

This week, crew Kahlo has been looking at ‘British Values’ as part of our crew curriculum. We have been learning about how British Values teach us tolerance and respect for others.

We even made a display in our crew room.

We then moved onto looking at the difference between weather and climate. Pupils carried out research into causes of climate change.

I wanted to highlight this beautiful work by Bryan and Jessy. For our current Y8 expedition ‘Wherever I Lay my Hat’ where we have been looking at the artist Luke Dixon for inspiration. Pupils have practiced adding lines and patterns to simplified copies of his work and also using a viewfinder to zoom in on details. I don’t know about you, but I think Jessy’s pencil-tone portrait is absolutely amazing! I only asked for a line drawing – but she went for it! We didn’t want to add any lines (like Luke Dixon does) over this drawing – so we have photocopied her work and she is adding lines to a copy so she has not one but two beautiful pieces of work!

On Thursdays, crew Kahlo has started to think about the HoWLs grades that they would give themselves for that week in each subject area and crew. Pupils critiqued each other’s grades and commented on whether they agreed with them or not. This led to loads of discussion about what ‘work hard’ looks like and how they could try and improve their own ‘get smart’ in lessons. It has been really great to have Mr. Challen in crew with us as he has been able to comment on pupils’ work in their maths lessons.

A very productive couple of weeks crew! Keep up the good work.