Happy Birthday, Hilda!!!!

After a Doncaster Free Press article caught our eye, as a school community we decided we wanted to make a difference to a member of our local community.

Hilda is a resident in a care home in Bentley, and this week she celebrated her 105th birthday… wow!!!! Hilda’s biggest wish for her birthday was to receive 105 birthday cards!

We wanted to help Hilda celebrate this wonderful moment, and so crews got to work on creating (or writing) birthday cards for Hilda. Take a look at some fabulous examples below!

As a school community across XP and XPE we managed to achieve….


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X27 / Year 8 “Rutina Diaria” Final Product!

Our X27 / Year 8 Spanish students have recently completed their 6 frame daily routine storyboard, that provides a model for Year 5 students in our XP Trust Schools to follow. By connecting their learning to previous material covered in year 7 – such as telling the time, naming family members, and identifying rooms of the house – most of our X27 / Year 8 linguists were able to evidence up to and including excellence standards on the rubric table.

We’re really proud of their achievements and wish to share their beautiful work, curated here into a short video-clip, with the wider community. ¡Enhorabuena a todos!

War landscapes in the style of Van Gogh

Y10 (X25/E25) have been looking at war landscapes for their expedition this term with the guiding question “are we really free to choose?”

This task fell in time perfectly for remembrance day (11/11/21) where the students finished off their Van Gogh samples.

I’m incredibly proud of their work and their efforts with this technique. Well done year 10!!!

Curation of C25 / Year 10 Spanish Final Product

The latest addition to Final Products created by Spanish students is on proud and prominent display on the upper corridor of XP East School’s top floor and XP School’s ground floor. The image is a composite representation of students’ digital or manual artwork, in answer to the guiding question: “¿Está el comercio justo en un mundo lejano?” (“Is trade fair in a distant world?”). In addition to building background knowledge about the wider Spanish-speaking world, our C25 / Year 10 students explored themes around social equity, whilst using the Spanish imperative to encourage fair trade practices linked to future benefits.

GCSE Psychology students are on it!

Our GCSE Psychology group have had a brilliant start to the year. Mrs Pulham and I have been super impressed with how focussed everyone’s been and how hard they’ve all been working.

It’s hard to stay on task for 2 hours, especially when the emphasis is on being leaders of your own learning and undertaking a series of self-study tasks, but these lot are absolutely smashing it!

It’s fantastic to see our Y10 and Y11 students supporting each other in these sessions, demonstrating that the power of Crew is embedded into everything we do.

Mrs Parker & Mrs Pulham

Ian Murphy workshop for year 9

Last week our year 9 students were lucky enough to spend the day working with artist, Ian Murphy.  This workshop was part of the immersion for our new expedition and allowed the students to spend the day improving their own practice and studying the beautiful canvasses, sketches, paintings and sketch books that Ian brought in to show us.


X24 Spanish Running Text

Today Year 10 carried out a running text protocol, working on short term memory. The text contained positives and negatives about the places we live in and can visit, and students certainly showed a sense of competition too. Have a look at them working hard towards the Learning Target ‘I can identify positives and negatives about a tourist destination’.


X24 Beautiful Spanish Work

This week X24 have been looking at tourist activities, with an emphasis on shops and shopping. Today they grappled with a KWL protocol, identifying what language they already know, but also working out what was new to them too. Have a look at the beautiful work from Imogen, Isaac, Kyra and Amber.