X25 Xblock

In X25 we are looking at facades of buildings and artists who are influenced by them. They have used a range of media to re-create one of the artist compositions.

Today we have gone outside to draw from observation and look at one point perspective, making our observational drawings look realistic. Here they are working hard!

Extended study has been set for X25 to take photographs of their own house (focussing on the facade). They can also take photographs of interesting facades in Doncaster or of a friends/family house. They need to have their photographs ready for x-block session next week.

X25 X-Block Observation and colour work

Today X25 have been working on the following Learning Targets:

  • I can sketch out accurately from observation
  • I can overlay coloured pencil to create form
  • I can mix/ blend coloured pencil
  • I can leave highlights and record shadow

They are working hard at developing their Art skills: these are transferable when creating a product for an expedition.

Here you can see X3 busy using colour to create form on their observational apple study.