Y11 (C26) GCSE Information Evening

We would like to invite all Y11 parents to our Y11 GCSE Information Evening at XP East on Tuesday, 12th September from 5:00-6:15pm. 

This evening will focus on providing information about exam layout/content, exam dates, revision/work required for each exam and component. This was a really useful evening last year to ensure parents knew how to best support our wonderful Y11s throughout their GCSEs. Subject leads and teachers will also be around if you have any questions. 

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Mel & Angella

Crew Blessed make it to 2nd!

I was really proud in our Whole School Community Meeting today where Crew Blessed found we had risen to 2nd in this terms attendance table. This is a great achievement with only 5 weeks to go to see if we can take the top spot. I want to appreciate all of Crew for getting into school so consistently and let’s hope we all stay well and continue this until the end of the school year.

I also want to acknowledge the great support from the families of our crew members, it’s thanks to them our attendance figures are so good and I appreciate all the support from home with regards to maintaining our expectations and XP values.

A special mention this week goes to Kolby & Alana for being such great representatives of our community when they did ambassador tours for Year 6 students and parents and the following day when they led a crew session for some Welsh visitors. Miss Cocliff’s words some this up beautifully in an email she sent to me yesterday.

They were phenomenal ambassadors of our school on Wednesday evening, and they were very informative – all of the Y6 students and parents learnt lots from them.”
“In addition, I asked Alana and Kolby to speak to a group of visitors with me today. They helped us to run a crew session with the visitors – hearing them speak about crew, and XP in general, their character growth and Mr Robins as their crew leader gave me goosebumps. They are able to articulate themselves so incredibly well, and they truly represent everything XP is about.

Great work this week Crew!

Crew Blessed, Great Ambassadors

Amazing Crew members!

Several of our Crew represented the school and our Crew brilliantly last week as part of new staff interviews as well as keeping up the good work in sessions.

Alana, Zach, Oscar and Kolby were all involved in the interview day from being on the student panel to showing the candidates around school. Miss Cocliff was really impressed by the way they conducted themselves and passed on a praise postcard to each of them. Oscar has also shown Miss Cocliff that he is also achieving great things in sessions too.

Great work Crew!

Fantastic feedback from their Phase Lead!

Crew Blessed at the halfway point!

As we head into February half term it marks the halfway point in this academic year. This also means Year 11 seems just around the corner. It has been a great first half of Year 10 with academic success and developments in character from everyone. Crew are really starting to look and sound like young adults now.

We want to congratulate Kolby on his recent success in getting selected for the Yorkshire Rugby Union Team. He has worked so hard not just in the recent trials but over the last couple of years. His commitment and attitude towards his goals and ambition is really inspiring to others. He is a great example of how effort and passion for something you love can get you where you want to be. We are very proud of him, not just our Crew but everyone at XP School. We look forward to hearing about the next stage of his rugby story and of course seeing some winning results for Yorkshire.

Kolby – Crew Blessed’s rugby star!

Crew would also like to welcome a new member to our ‘Blessed’ team. Johnathon joined us this week and has settled in really well and really quickly. We hope he enjoys being part of our Crew and being part of XP School.

Crew Blessed powering towards the end of this half term!

It’s been another productive and hard working week from Crew Blessed.

Several students used Crew time effectively to do some Science revision and support each other. Zach was offering out his wise words as Alana and Luke absorbed as much information as they could.

The praises from other sessions have been rolling in too this week with these being given just yesterday.

This is great work Crew, lets keep it going right up to half term – 1 more week! Well done!

Crew Blessed Superstars!

It’s a pleasure to get feedback from teachers of our Crew recently, with so many of them doing so well. We had 3 students named in the top 5 praise list this week – Ebony, Oscar and Cejay!

Liam was also our student of the week for his amazing consistency everyday.

It was also good to pop into their class today and see some productive reading going on from Alana, Ben and Oscar.