Students final product work for the year 8 expedition Get Physical was based around the research and analysis of different athletic field events, with the aim of creating a coaching resource that coaches or beginner athletes could use to improve their performance. Students picked field events such as the hammer or long jump and look at the following aspects; the musculoskeletal system, the specific types of movement and the biomechanics of the technique, forces and key coaching points.

Students have collected this information and will present it as a learning poster for interested people to see. We hope to find space to exhibit the poster, such as at the local athletics club who we have a great relationship with. 

Here’s just a couple of examples of work completed by out students

Beautiful Work by Asten Quinton & Zara Yamani

Today’s beautiful work was completed by Asten and Zara in Maths this morning. The class have been producing learning posters about different topics in Maths. Asten and Zara have made a poster educating others on mean, median, mode and range. As you can see below they have used excellent explanations and examples on their poster.

Well done Asten and Zara!!