8 Admiral Humanities Homework

Year 8 Humanities students need to answer the following question: What impact did Richard Arkwright have during the Industrial Revolution?

Students will need to consider the positive and negative impacts of his inventions. As well as how his invention may have had wider consequences for the government, wealthy industrialists and those working in the domestic industry at the time.

This written piece can be completed on a Google Doc or in student’s exercise books and will go towards meeting the Learning Target: I can explain the impact of events during the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Homework is due on Friday 2nd October in session 2.

8 Admiral Humanities Homework

Year 8 Admiral have the following question to answer as homework this week:

Historians say the Industrial Revolution occurred between 1780 and 1800, does your timeline support this theory? When do you think the industrial revolution occurred?

Students will need to study the timeline in their exercise books and include the answers to the following questions in their response:

  • When did the majority of the inventions take place?
  • How many were before 1780?
  • How many happened after 1800?
  • Are the inventions towards the end of the industrial revolution different to the ones towards the beginning?  Or are they improvements on what has already been invented?

Homework is due Monday 28th September.