Revision STEM

Year 7 ! Heads up about the test tomorrow this is what is on it: Decide where you will need help

I have put some questions on I am Learning about the periodic table to help. Log in to XP website and go to my apps, I am learning.
Solids, Liquids and gases
– spacing of particles, can they be compressed, can particles flow, how are the particles arranged, how do they move, bonds.
– Identify pictures
– How do gases move through the air (how does a smell waft from the lovely cakes to your nose)
Convection Current (explain the hot and cold water experiment)
Heating the Steel rod Experiment – what happens to the particles
Endothermic process
Exothermic process
Elements, atoms, compound molecules, mixtures.

Maths (TBL):
Calculate the nutritional value of a meal
Plot graph
Planning your cooking time
Volume of a cuboid and cylinder
Radius, Circumference and diameter

Logan, Maddison, Michaela, James, Tyler, Isaac and Tom (all year 7) are showing off their cake stands that they designed and made during two X Block sessions in the DT workshop this term.  The cakes were baked by other members of year 7 as part of their Chefistry expedition.  Look out for more beautiful work from our talented year 7 students!IMG_8693

All Together Now Final Product

During the Year 7 All Together Now expedition for 2015/16 students looked at examples of successful communities and unsuccessful communities and how they had come together to make it more successful. Students then produced a written reflection on the answer to the guiding question. They also produced a watercolour painting of an aspect of what they felt makes a successful community.

The final product for this expedition was an e-book that has an edited section of their work alongside their painting. This is the e-book…

Download (PDF, 26.26MB)

Life In Balance Final Product

The year 8 expedition Life in Balance culminated with students designing and delivering a presentation to an authentic audience during a presentation of learning. This was in the theme of “an inconvenient truth”, and allowed them to evaluate and synthesise the key themes of the expedition. This is Skipper’s Life in Balance presentation of learning….