Fieldwork: Thursday 16th April at Potteric Carr

Both Skipper and Admiral will be going out on fieldwork this Thursday to Potteric Carr. Students will have the opportunity to work with the expert to begin their species field research, and also perform some service learning by helping to maintain the reserve.

We ask that all students bring the following so that they can take part fully in the session:

  • Wellington boots for working in (areas where students will be working are likely to be wet and muddy)
  • Waterproof jacket (just in case of rain)
  • Hat/cap (for protection from the sun)
  • long sleeve t-shirt and trousers to change into (students will most likely get a bit dirty and may need some protection from bushes and the the sun)
  • We invite parents to send students to school with suncream which they can apply themselves should the weather require it.

We kindly ask that students bring all of the above and ensure that they have a clean change of clothes for when they return to school. We understand that this may feel like a lot to bring, especially if some students also have PE but feel it important so that students are able to participate fully in the fieldwork. Students are welcome to bring PE kit in advance tomorrow and leave this at school for the next day of this is of any help.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Expedition 4 Skipper Fieldwork

Skipper head to Sandall Beat Woods to explore this wonderful place that has been carefully maintained by volunteers and friends of Sandall Beat Woods. After a cold start, it turned out nice and we were able to find out information about Doncaster’s evolving landscape. Remember to wrap up warm again tomorrow!!