Year 10 Daily 2pm Subject Hangout

There will be no subject-specific hangouts taking place on Friday 26th June and Monday 29th June due to the staff days. Members of staff will be taking part in planning and training activities in preparation for the new academic year.


Thanks for the continued support.

Its official! We have a crew name!

So, crew EJN presented their crew name suggestions to Miss Robinson in last week’s crew hangout. They were prepared, confident, and articulated their reasons for each individual really well.

I was very impressed!

After almost an hour of presenting their slides, Miss Robinson decided that our new crew name was going to be…(drum roll please)…

This is after the famous Mexican artist ‘Frida Kahlo’. You may recognise some of her artwork below:

She created a number of self-portraits as well as paintings about her disabilities.

She had a really tough time and was in a lot of pain throughout her life.


Here are some of the pages that Arthur in our crew prepared to describe her:


So, as you can see from Arthurs slides – she didn’t have it easy. She had a lot of challenges to overcome in her life – but she was so determined and courageous!

Harrison read through most of the slides as Arthur had a few technical issues and was losing connection. Harrison read really well, he was clear and confident. He showed a lot of courage as I know he was not in his comfort zone whilst doing it. Well done Harrison.

For Arthur’s last page he described why he thought that we should name our crew after Frida Kahlo…

The reasons that he gave above absolutely blew me away and actually brought a tear to my eye – thinking about how far we have come as a crew and all that we have been through!

We have been through some hard times, some challenging times, some difficult times – but we are crew and we can get through it! We support each other and back each other up.

I am a very proud, emotional, embarrassing, and ‘cringy’ crew leader – but I don’t care!

I’ll leave you with this quote from Frida which I think is VERY true.

As we continue to work our way through this unique and often challenging time, thank you once again for all your support. We really do appreciate your understanding as we, day by day, work through what is best for our students.

As mentioned to parents on Tuesday 9th June, I explained that we had plans in place to extend our in-school provision for Y10 and Y12 students on Monday June 15th but that this would depend upon advice on the local situation from Public Health Doncaster. I also reiterated that any decision will be taken in light of the specific region of Doncaster, not the national picture as a whole.

Yesterday afternoon XP representatives attended a video conference with Dr Rupert Suckling (the Director of Public Health Doncaster) who updated all Headteachers on the local situation concerning Covid-19. I have since received written documentation that states:

‘I can confirm that the launch of the new track and trace system means that I am now able to get a better understanding of the number of new cases at a local level. Although the number of cases has not steadied yet, the risk of catching COVID-19 in Doncaster is reducing. Encouragingly, there have not been any Coronavirus outbreaks in schools. Therefore, I am confident we are now at a stage where schools can consider how and when they reopen to a wider cohort of pupils, if they are able to do so, meeting all of the Government’s safety guidance.’

Consequently, this morning I met with our Leadership Team and in light of the information and on-going guidance from Dr Suckling, we intend to extend our in-school provision for Y10 and Y12 students from Monday June 15th. 

Our provision will adopt a very cautious approach which will offer some ‘face to face support’, in the first instance, for those students who are most at risk of falling behind. Attendance is not compulsory, and we totally respect any decision that parents make. The provision will centre around a ‘learning review’ approach designed to help students to assess what they have done, what they might be struggling with and what they could do in the weeks ahead. Any decision and plans regarding individual students will be made in the continuing partnership between Crew Leaders and parents. 

For some students, this would involve coming in for just one day a week during a designated day for their Crew. For other students however, it may involve coming into school for more than one day due to the specific requirements from their learning review. We have created this guide for parents (which includes a FAQs section) providing case studies on how this provision will work. The case studies highlight that it may only be deemed necessary for a student who has been identified as being most at risk of falling behind to come into school for a few hours, or a more comprehensive agreement where they attend school more regularly in order to catch up (eg: 2 or 3 days per week). Crew Leaders have identified which students may benefit from this provision, and WILL BE IN TOUCH with parents to discuss this. 

As you can see from the following table, some of those students who have been identified as being most at risk of falling behind would come into school on a day which is designated specifically for their Crew, or attend on a wider basis depending on their specific needs.

As we already operate an in-school provision for children of key workers and those with special educational needs we have rigorous safety protocols in place for the 13-15 students that attend on a daily basis. In order to help parents to make an informed decision about sending students into school we have created this summary document (embedded below) which provides parents with some of the relevant Health and Safety measures. All of our safety protocols are based on ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings’ by the Department of Education.

The provision will be regularly monitored on a daily basis and any developments will continue to be taken with caution, and via on-going updates from Dr Suckling and Public Health Doncaster. I must emphasise that I will not hesitate to change or end the provision in light of any forthcoming information that suggests that our students or staff are not safe. 

Last, but not least – we want to reassure you once again that we are here to listen to any concerns or questions you may have. If you are worried or need any clarification of any aspect of this, or any other update please just get in touch via your child’s Crew Leader or contact: (Marc Voltaire: Assistant Principal for Y9 & Y10 Phase) (Gail Stonier: Executive Lead for Post 16)

Best wishes,

Jamie Portman (Principal of XP and XP East)


Summary of useful links and docs:


Our last week as crew EJN

This week, crew EJN have been working on their crew name presentations that they will be showing Miss Robinson next week during their weekly crew hangout.

Crew have a few ideas about who they would like to be named after and why:

Crew have also been busy completing their home learning, creating some beautiful work.

These are for the nature page for their visual diaries:


Positive and motivational quotes for their visual diaries:

In other news, Olivia has been swimming in a river!!!

…and Jessy has a new dog called Callie.

We’ve been nominated for school of the year!

We love what we do, but it’s always great when other people do too and – even better – we end up getting nominated for an award!

We’re delighted to share the news that we’re one of four nominees for the Edufuturists Secondary School of the Year 2020, sponsored by Signin App.

The Edufuturists’ podcast, which we have already contributed to, is a podcast run by three committed educators who are passionate about moving education forward. Their podcast is a continuing conversation with guests from all over the world.

That broad conversation can cover anything from online and remote learning to Artificial Intelligence and what the schools of the future might look like – and all points in between.

Asking the questions about how our schools and education evolve, has become even more important since Covid-19 and Lockdown. So, we’re particularly thrilled to have been recognised by an organisation that is acting as a catalyst for this discussion.

We’d also like to congratulate the three other schools who have been nominated alongside us and wish them well.

It would be great if you could support us by voting for us – it only takes a couple of minutes and we’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

Y10/Y12 reopening update

Building on the updates from 12th May and 28th May, I would like to further update parents of Y10 and Y12 students regarding extending our in-school provision.

You may remember that the Government had requested secondary schools to offer ‘some face-to-face support to supplement the remote education of Year 10 and Year 12 students’  from 1st June. However, after liaising with XP Trust school leaders and the Local Authority, we decided not to reopen and review this in mid June.

I can confirm that we are ready to open up on Monday 15th June pending advice on the local situation from Public Health Doncaster. The most up to date local information is not yet available, but this will be communicated to all Headteachers of Doncaster’s schools late on Wednesday. As a result, we will be in a position to confirm whether we will go ahead with reopening for Y10 and Y12 by Friday morning at the latest. However, I would like to reiterate that any decision will be taken in light of the specific region of Doncaster, not the national picture as a whole.

I know that this update does not give parents the precise information that they need, but we feel that it is important to keep everyone informed about developments.

If we do open, the provision will focus on those Y10 and Y12 students who are most at risk of falling behind. Attendance will not be compulsory, and we totally respect any decision that parents make. The provision would revolve around a light touch approach to helping students to assess what they have done, what they might be struggling with and what they could do in the weeks ahead.

Whilst we would not be in a position to offer traditional lessons, we would be able to provide support for those students who have struggled to stay on top of their workload, or feel overwhelmed with what they need to do to catch up. Attendance would be no more than one or two days a week, and our online educational provision involving the use of Google Classroom, videos, teacher tutorials, Hegarty Maths, and Crew video hangouts will continue throughout.

Again, if we do reopen on Monday 15th June I will provide parents with details of the extensive changes that we have made to the physical environment and working protocols. These are already in place due to our in-school provision for children of key workers, and all staff are familiar with them.

Crew Leaders and XP16 staff continue to be the points of contact for any questions, and they will be in touch with the parents of any students who have been identified as needing support the most.

If you have not already done so, could parents please complete this parental survey, as it will further help our preparations.

Best wishes, Jamie Portman (Principal of XP and XP East)