Year 8 Presentation of Learning

The Year 8 Presentation of Learning for students current expedition will take place on the evening of the 6th and 7th December.

We will have more details on exact timings in due course.

It is really important that every student attends, and has someone from their family come to the event to celebrate the incredible work that they are doing.


The Year 8 expedition team.

Dropping students off at the school

We will be using the hard surface to the west of the building as a space for students to use this year until the grass has seeded.

For this reason we ask you to use Keepmoat Car Park 3 as a place to park, and to drop off/pick up your son or daughter.

In the interests of your son or daughter’s safety, and them not having to walk along or across a working car park, we would like you to drive to the north-eastern corner of car park 3 as there is a gate here that students can use to enter the school site. We would appreciate it if you could then follow the arrows shown on the map below to exit the site so that traffic flows smoothly in one direction.

Thanks in advance