X26 – Y11’s first week

Our Year 11’s spent their first day back at Langsett Reservoir. This was a great way for pupils to have a reset and talk about their summer.

The second day was focussed on giving something back to our community. Crew Kahlo conducted a litter pick in the local area

X26 (Y10)’s Final Year Group Community Meeting!

We had the pleasure of holding Y10’s final celebratory community meeting of the year this morning!

TONNES of praises were shared, along with some tiny trophies for amazing praise points and attendance throughout Y10! 🏆

There was also a special mention of the phenomenal work completed around the Climate Conference – along with an email shared from one of the experts we invited in to take part!

Please see the slides below:

I cannot fully express how incredibly proud I am of X26 for the work they have put into Y10. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and have developed and progressed so much throughout the year! I am really looking forward to seeing what X26 achieve over the next year and next (and final!) step in their XP journey! Thank you to all students, parents, and crew leaders for your support this year!

Miss Cocliff x

X29 Spanish and Humanities POL 18th July

Year 7 students will be presenting their Spanish and Humanities learning on the 18th July. The presentation of learning will start 4pm and finish at around 5.30pm. Spanish will be first, with students showing off their impressive Spanish skills while answering the Guiding Question ¿Te alegras de ser tú? (Are you happy being you?). This will be followed by Humanities, where students will be answering the guiding question How does water shape our world?

We look forward to seeing you then.

Mrs Batty, Mrs Collinson and Mrs Vayro

Crew Blessed make it to 2nd!

I was really proud in our Whole School Community Meeting today where Crew Blessed found we had risen to 2nd in this terms attendance table. This is a great achievement with only 5 weeks to go to see if we can take the top spot. I want to appreciate all of Crew for getting into school so consistently and let’s hope we all stay well and continue this until the end of the school year.

I also want to acknowledge the great support from the families of our crew members, it’s thanks to them our attendance figures are so good and I appreciate all the support from home with regards to maintaining our expectations and XP values.

A special mention this week goes to Kolby & Alana for being such great representatives of our community when they did ambassador tours for Year 6 students and parents and the following day when they led a crew session for some Welsh visitors. Miss Cocliff’s words some this up beautifully in an email she sent to me yesterday.

They were phenomenal ambassadors of our school on Wednesday evening, and they were very informative – all of the Y6 students and parents learnt lots from them.”
“In addition, I asked Alana and Kolby to speak to a group of visitors with me today. They helped us to run a crew session with the visitors – hearing them speak about crew, and XP in general, their character growth and Mr Robins as their crew leader gave me goosebumps. They are able to articulate themselves so incredibly well, and they truly represent everything XP is about.

Great work this week Crew!

Crew Darling: Cultivating Stewardship

Last years final product from C28 is still thriving, despite the heat we have experienced. Last year students created lovely planters filled with beautiful flowers, aiming to attract wildlife like bees and bring a burst of colour to XP School. Despite scorching weather, Crew have diligently watered and removed weeds, ensuring the plants thrived. In crew time we have been studying the impact of climate change on our environment. Crew Darling have demonstrated outstanding stewardship by transforming their school surroundings.

C26 (Y10) Fieldwork – 19th & 21st June 2023

On Monday, 19th June 2023, X26 Skipper and E26 Pioneer will be attending fieldwork to Bradford Literature Festival as part of their current expedition, Bad Romance – attending a day called ‘How did Hitler Happen?’.

X26 Admiral & E26 Explorer will be attending fieldwork on Wednesday, 21st June to Bradford Literature Festival – attending a day called ‘Shakespeare Day!’.

We will depart promptly at 8:45am, meaning students need to arrive at school NO LATER that 8:30am to be registered and briefed about the day. 

Please see the attached letter for more information. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch.

Great Exam week

As year 11 crew leaders we just wanted to say how proud we are of the whole of X25’s productivity to revision sessions and conduct during exams. Students have been punctual (don’t forget exam start of 9am 24th May!) and eager to do well.

We know it can be a tough period of time but they are all showing great resilience and compassion to each other.

Great work – keep it up!

Y11 Crew leaders

Charity Tuck Shop!!

C27 have been raising money as part of their final product by hosting a tuck shop on Friday break times. This week is our final push and we have LOTS for sale including crisps, biscuits, sausage rolls, toast etc. Alongside this we have the “sponge a teacher event” where students will be able to throw sponges at teachers during lunch!

The money raised is for St Johns Hospice, a local palliative care hospital which is very dear to our hearts at XP. So please bring in a £1 or 2 to support the cause!


Crew Tomlinson and Stan Lee worked really hard this morning in crew working on their poetry ready for their English Literature exam. Crew members had to try and remember which poems linked together and then they worked in groups to remember the context and content  of the poems including any quotes they can remember.

All crew members contributed and were focused all crew- great work!!

Mrs Burnitt and Mrs Pulham

Crew Blessed, Great Ambassadors

Amazing Crew members!

Several of our Crew represented the school and our Crew brilliantly last week as part of new staff interviews as well as keeping up the good work in sessions.

Alana, Zach, Oscar and Kolby were all involved in the interview day from being on the student panel to showing the candidates around school. Miss Cocliff was really impressed by the way they conducted themselves and passed on a praise postcard to each of them. Oscar has also shown Miss Cocliff that he is also achieving great things in sessions too.

Great work Crew!

Fantastic feedback from their Phase Lead!