Thats the (crew) name of the game!

Crew SHA had an awesome hangout this week!
All students presented their Crew name. It’s going to be a difficult choice for me and Miss Robinson to make. All will be revealed next hangout with a guest appearance from Miss Robinson herself, all on our best behaviour please! 🙂

All of the presentations discussed the character traits of the person they wanted their crew to be named after and how these spoke to our XP character traits. What I don’t think everyone realised was that the students themselves were also showing courage, respect, craftsmanship and quality, compassion and integrity during the making and presenting of their presentation and it made me realise how engrained these traits have become and how they are a part of who you all are. I am so proud of you all. Well done everyone!!

Take care of yourself and each other,
Mrs Hannam

The return of stop the bus!

We had a lovely catch up after the half term break. Thanks to all those that joined. Our half terms seemed to have consisted of ice creams, enjoying the sun and visiting family (social distancing observed!)
Bec kept her crown as ‘stop the bus’ champion! Closely followed by Hubert and Danny. Good effort everyone.

L has been planting flowers that attract bees this week and thinking about the environment and how important bees are to our survival!
Bee FACTS! – an average worker bee makes 1/2 teaspoon of honey in its whole lifetime!
Honey was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun and was still edible (I wouldn’t have fancied it myself, YUK).

Lily and James have been making some very yummy food.

Well done Lily for catching up on work over the half term.
Well done to those who have also been turning them trackers green 🙂 ACE!

James’ donuts. YUM!

Lily’s cheesecake. Looks professional! WOW!

Lily’s recipe

Bec’s brilliant Spanish work 🙂

Bob’s Spanish work

See you all next Tuesday at 10:30

Take care

Mrs Hannam

Quizzy Rascals!

Had another lovely crew hangout this week (even though I lost the plot going on about Eurovision!)
Rebecca won our quiz! Well done!
A massive well done to L, Bec, Bobby, Zarina, Lily and Hubert for keep up with (or trying to!) their work. Keep going.
Make sure those of you I spoke to get their STEAM final assessment completed, thanks! Well done Stevie for getting this piece of work done, great to see you handing in work now.

This week:
Spanish :Y7 Term 3 Week 7 Mis ojos y mi pelo
HUMS:Rainforests, Location and Climate- Case Study one/Week one ANDAmazon Travel Guide
STEAM: Lesson 3 – I can describe negative human impacts on the environment (w/c 4th May)
Maths: Expedition week 1 – 4th May – Immersion and averages
ART: Colour and Kandinsky Week 4

Here’s a selection of some of our work – very proud 🙂




Year 7/8 Common Mission

As part of Common Mission in year 7/8 we are launching The Book of Memories. Crew leaders will be sharing this during google hangouts. We would like you to produce a virtual (slides) or book of your memories during this time so that we can look back and reflect on our time at home.

Each week you will be given a theme to help you create your book of memories and give you ideas of activities you might be able to do at home. Your crew leader will share the introduction with you and how you can make your book and also the first theme which is “What is in my cupboards”

We look forward to seeing your ideas and sharing with us what you have been up to whilst at home.

Stay Safe Everyone

Ilinca’s Year 8


Thank you to everyone that joined our check in today, great turn out. Was lovely to see you all and to observe the 1 minutes silence together where we paid our respects for those who have lost their lives working on the front line during this difficult time; I know some of you, like me, have members of your family that are working on the front line. Our thoughts are with you and your families.

Our crew check-in today was ‘what’s the first thing you’re going to do after lockdown ends?’ Sophie, Zarina, Lily, Danny and Oscar’s answers revolved around seeing different members of their families which they have missed. L wants to go to Escape and eat a Nando’s (yum!), Bec is looking forward to being able to touch things she’s not allowed to at the moment! Bobby and Hubert were a little late to the check in so we’ll get to hear there’s next (sorry guys I forgot to ask you when you joined us!).

Our Crew quiz today revolved a lot around Toy Story and Harry Potter as well as some general knowledge questions and questions about our time at Outward Bound in Wales (that night in the log cabin ay! What an experience). Well done Hayley who came in first place with an impressive 19/20! Zarina came in second place with 15/20 and Sophie took bronze with 14/20.

More pets made an appearance during our show and tell! Oscar’s dog Merlin and his extremely cute guinea pigs – George, Frankie and Patch.
Danny’s other cat Marty came along for a Google hangout today too! Even my vicious cat Elizabeth Taylor came to say hello (no Crew Leader was harmed in the making of the hangout, phew!).

Massive well done to those students who consistently hand in work; Bobby, Bec, L, Hubert and Lily. Well done Zarina, L, Bec and Stevie for getting a mention from Mrs Goddard for maths work. Well done Stevie who we’re all hoping is going to make a come back! Well done for getting started, try to keep up the good work. Lets make our crew’s tracker nice and green.

You have all now been emailed my up to date Crew SHA tracker so you know which work needs to be completed. If you have lots of reds (you know who you are!) do last weeks work and this weeks and keep up from here on in. The new expeditions are a great opportunity for you to keep up and not feel overwhelmed by work thats gone.

Here’s a summary of what needs to be completed:
Here is Mrs Vayro’s tutorial this week:
Here is the website where you’ll find the resources to complete the tasks :

Mrs McCarthy’s immersion work is due this Friday -

MATHS: Arithmetic procedures:Next week you will be looking at adding, Subtracting, multiplying and dividing fraction. It is the same procedure as last week. Find the link to the work below.

Please remember to add your working out on the doc provided below (name it week 6, initials)

This is the Doc to add your working out to (remember to initial yours)

ART: Colour and Kandinsky week 3. Well done for those who have already submitted this work, see some examples below 🙂

SPANISH:Y7 Term 3 Week 6 El Aspecto Físico
Complete pages 1 and 2 of the Google Doc using guidance from the videos.
Page 3 is optional.
Video 1 – Vocabulary (page 1)
Video 2 – Activities Explanation and Guidance (page 2)
Video 3 – Optional Challenge (page 3)

When you have completed the document click on “hand in” (it might say “turn in”) to notify me that you have completed the work.

Due Friday 1 May 2020 at 3:15 p.m.
email for support and further guidance –

STEAM: Log on to the expedition website and complete immersion lessons 1 and 2:

Seneca links in case you haven’t already signed up:

Admiral link:

Skipper link:

Look after yourselves.
Same time next week!
Mrs Hannam

More great art work from our Crew.

Guest appearance from Simmy the cat!

Our Check in was – if you were a dog breed, which would you be and why? We got some interesting responses! James, I still can’t pronounce that dog breed!

We then had a bit of well being check in and a chat about what we’d been up to. Danny and Hubert have been passing the time baking. Hubert (as pictured below) has baked bread and Danny made some cupcakes and lemon drizzle cake (Mrs Hannam’s fave!).
We had Max the dog last week join us; this week we had Danny’s super cute cat Simmy!

We had a crew quiz, Danny was the winner with an impressive 18/20. Everyone did really well, some tricky questions in there.

Quizzy rascals.

James has made such a comeback with handing in lots of work he was behind on this week, well done James, I’d like to see you keep this up – and I will be checking 🙂

This week new expeditions begin for X26. Very exciting.
Everyone needs to watch Mrs Vayro’s tutorials and attend the live HUMAN lessons which are at 1:30 every Monday. How lucky are you lot!? Please make sure you take advantage of these, they will help so much with the work that week.
HUMAN immersion week:
Mrs Vayro:

There is also Mrs mcCarthy’s immersion which can be found on your Google classroom, it involves Horrible Histories, my favourite!! (along with lemon drizzle cake).

STEAM- lots of you still need to complete lesson 6: W/c 13th April – FINAL PRODUCT VOTE as it appears only Bobby and James have done this.
You also need to make sure you sign up to ‘Seneca’ for science:
Admiral link:
Skipper link:

MATHS – this week you will be learning ‘arithmetic procedures’:

ART – Please make sure you have completed your ‘colour and Kandinsky’ piece of work. What a great way to zone out and refocus your attention on something creative.

Next week’s challenge: show and tell (something in your house, pet etc).

Your teachers are working super hard at home for you during this difficult time, make sure you engage with the work they are planning for you, let’s see a sea of green on those trackers – work hard, be kind, get smart and stay safe.

Mrs Hannam

Bec’s beautiful art work from the ‘colour and Kandinsky’ gallery.

Hubert’s very own African design

Here’s Hubert making some bread, impressive stuff!

If you missed our quiz today have a go and email me your answers.
Capital cities:
1. England
2. Italy
3. America
4. Spain
5. Australia

General knowledge:
6. What year did WW1 start?
7. What year did WW1 end?
8. Who was the president of America before Donald Trump?
9. Which is the highest mountain in the world? Mount Everest or Mount Fuji?
10. Who sings the song ‘Holes’?
11. What ingredient makes a cake rise?
12. Who has the most YouTube subscribers?
13. What TV show stars baby Yoda?
14. Marvel question: What name appears on Thor’s fake ID?
15. What year was Snapchat released?
16. What year was TikTik released?
17. In Harry Potter, what kind of creature guards the high security vaults at Gringotts?
18. When the story starts (Harry Potter) where was Harry’s room at Dursley’s located?
19. Name 5 planets in our solar system.
20. What year was XP officially opened?

New Crew member – Max the dog!

During our Crew check in today we discussed Easter and all things chocolate 🙂
Bob’s dog Max made an appearance, he is so cute!
We also had a game of pictionary, Bob was the winner.

Sophie and Bob showed us some amazing art creations too. Ace work guys.

Well done Bob and Rebecca for keeping up with all the work, outstanding effort. Those of you who have work outstanding please make sure you try your best and get it completed to the best of your ability. Remember to ask for help.

Lovely to see you all.
Stay safe,
Mrs Hannam

Thank you to Lubo, Rebecca, Danny, Oscar, Zarina and Sophie for joining our weekly Google Hangout.
Apologies to those of you who missed it due to me having to change the time last minute yesterday evening (it’s back to 10:30 next week).

Our check in this week was ‘what have you learned whilst being on lock down?’
Sophie has learned to make salt dough.
Danny has realised careful forward planning is needed before moving furniture!
Zarina has discovered how to make whipped iced coffee (who needs Costa anyway??)
Lubo has been researching the environment (very important stuff is that!)
Rebecca has taken to archery (I will not be getting on the wrong side of you!)
Oscar has been researching about racism and told us ‘if someone famous like Donald Trump thinks something then others will also think it.’ Wow Oscar!

On more shocking news a new category was added to our Crew game of Stop The Bus – Mr Men / Little Miss. SHOCK! Danny was crowned this weeks champion – congratulations!

Well done to those of you who are keeping on top of your work, I am very proud and keep this up!
Remember your challenge this week is to cook / bake something and take a picture of it for us to see and judge.

Take care as always,

Mrs Hannam

Crew SHA. Our first Google Hangout!

Thank you to Zarina, Sophie, Bobby (even though you couldn’t speak, for a change! ha), Hubert, Danny and Lilly (even though it didn’t quite work for you!) for joining our Crew check in, as well as all your little brothers :), it was so lovely to see you all.

Also, thanks to Oscar, L, Stevie and Rebecca for getting in touch to apologise for their absence. I know some of you tried to get on but couldn’t connect (others too engrossed in their Spanish work!). Hope to see you next Tuesday. We missed you!

Our check in was ‘what do you most miss whilst in lock down?’ Answers ranged from football, fast food, friends to school.

We all have been doing P.E with Joe Wicks every morning which is great to hear. I can barely walk up the stairs anymore!

We played our favourite Crew game of stop the bus. Hubert was the victor! Taking the crown from Zarina.

I have set a challenge for next week for Crew SHA:bake or cook something and take a picture of it and send it to me via email or attach it to Google classroom.

We are going to do our Crew check-in every week on a Tuesday at 10:30, please make sure the rest of you get involved!

Stay home, stay safe and wash your hands 🙂

Mrs Hannam

X26 and X25 Book Club!

If we get crew right we get everything right! 

Crews in Year 7 and 8 have certainly been working hard and getting crew right during Friday book club. It was brilliant to see students sharing reading and discussing their crew book together.

What a brilliant way to end a week!