XP Christmas Jumper Day was a big success!

Staff and students at XP came out in force sporting their Christmas jumpers today to raise money for ‘Save the Children’.

Pupils were in good spirits as you can see from the photos taken at this mornings community meeting.

I will announce the total amount of money raised when it has been counted.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for joining in and raising money for a very worthy cause.

Well done XP!

Crew EJN working on their teamwork

Crew EJN discussed what they thought good teamwork looked like then put this into action whilst playing benchball to burn off some of their energy!

We played against crew HMI over at XPE and are going to organise a re-match where we will meet again and test our teamwork within crew!

Our crew circled up half way through the game to discuss how they could change their tactics to win. They took it in turns to voice their ideas. Harrison was a natural leader who took the lead.

It was brilliant for our crew to spend some time outside the classroom and having fun whilst learning about eachother and developing our skills. Well done crew!

Crew EJN making pledges for this term

Crew EJN (X26) have been making pledges this week. Everyone in crew has made a pledge that they want to achieve this term. Here are some examples:

  • Finish my extended study on time
  • Have the correct equipment
  • Improve my handwriting
  • Come to school earlier
  • To be more organised
  • Listen more in sessions
  • Come to school everyday
  • Always try my best
  • To concentrate and focus more in sessions
  • To get more praises this term

As a crew, we will re-visit these pledges each week to see if we are on track to achieve them.

Well done crew EJN! Lets fulfil these pledges!

What would be your pledge this term?

Crew EJN and SHA join forces to watch and discuss Newsround this week

Crew EJN and SHA joined forces on Thursday to watch the stories on this weeks episode of Newsround.

We discussed the following:

  • New rules that Instagram have put in place about advertising dieting products. The pupils agreed with this rule and discussed positive body image and how social media can affect the way you feel about yourself.
  • We spoke about Mrs Hannam’s favourite topic (not) … Brexit and our Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He has been asked to come up with a new Brexit solution before the end of September.
  • Burger Kings decision to stop giving plastic toys out with their kids meals. The pupils agreed that this was a good idea and would help to reduce the use of plastic and help the environment.
  • A swimmer called Sarah Thomas who swam for 54 hours (non stop!) for a total of 130 miles! Students said that she was extremely brave and showed lots of courage.

It was lovely to spend time together as crews and will look into joining forces again to discuss what is happening in the world.

Well done crew EJN and SHA!

Year 7 Extended Study Grand Designs

For Monday 16th May students are to produce a Google doc discussing what life was like in Victorian England.

In their doc they must use the text we have coded and their mind maps to discuss the following:

Queen Victoria, the British Empire, the developing industry, the differences between the rich and poor communities (to include education, jobs and housing.)

Skipper 7 – overdue homework

Skipper, Please ensure you have marked your work as done for the Mathletics Algebra – this was due in on the 13th April but I have extended it so students can mark it as done.

You had 3 exercises to do:

Show ALL STEPS OF WORKING OUT in orange homework books.

The three titles are:
1. Writing Algebraic Expressions
2. Recognising like terms
3. Like Terms: Add and subtract

Don’t forget that for like terms 7xy and -3xy ARE like terms. But 6x and 5xy ARE NOT like terms.

The DEADLINE was Wednesday 13th April at 8 PM. Books were due in on Thursday 14th. Any students who have not done handed this in by tomorrow can expect to come to compulsory homework.

Thank you

Year 7 Humanities Easter Extended Study

Both Skipper and Admiral have Extended Study to complete over the holiday. Students will need to write up their notes from the fieldwork visit to the Gurdwara. A google doc will need to be shared with both Mrs Sprakes and myself.

Students may wish to use the following headings in their notes:
The building
The scriptures (book)
The Gurus
History of Sikhism

Y7 Humanities Extended study

The final draft for Skipper and Admiral’s Joan of Arc Googledoc is Monday 7th March.

Students also have a written response to produce on the Guiding Question for the expedition we have just completed. The Guiding Question was:

Were there any glimmers in the Dark Ages?

Students will need to consider anything good that happened during this time period and any negative things and then decide overall whether the Dark Ages were good or bad.

More detail will be shared with students in session tomorrow, but the deadline for this is also Monday 7th March.


Hatfield Moors Student Films

This mini-learning expedition came from a partnership between XP School and Natural England. Natural England are a charitable organisation who own and main many sites of importance across the country, including Hatfield and Thorne Moors, these being the last lowland peat bogs in the country. The charity wanted our students to create artefacts that helped to inform other children their own age about the geological and biological importance of the sites, their provenance and many of the wonderful stories stories associated with the moors. We were very lucky to be given access to the sites and tours from Janet Canning and Philip Robinson from Natural England. We also worked with Sue Ellis from Serendipity Art who helped to inspired our students with the stories of the moors, and Andy Muscroft who helped to record and edit the students’ footage.

The expedition took place over the course of three days, when we suspended the timetable so that we could focus on making really high quality, beautiful work. Students did some fieldwork at the moors, and then returned to school to work as script writers, artists, animators, editors, narrators and actors. We are incredibly proud of the work that the students have done and hope that it encourages more children to visit what is one of the county’s most beautiful and important outdoor classrooms.

Below are the three stories and films students worked together to make.