Dropping students off at the school

We will be using the hard surface to the west of the building as a space for students to use this year until the grass has seeded.

For this reason we ask you to use Keepmoat Car Park 3 as a place to park, and to drop off/pick up your son or daughter.

In the interests of your son or daughter’s safety, and them not having to walk along or across a working car park, we would like you to drive to the north-eastern corner of car park 3 as there is a gate here that students can use to enter the school site. We would appreciate it if you could then follow the arrows shown on the map below to exit the site so that traffic flows smoothly in one direction.

Thanks in advance

Students who are going to stay in school after 3.15pm need to be in either of the following places:

– A registered after school activity such as Art Club, Maths Club, Football, Running Club or Book Launch.
– Using the music room (provided that they booked in advance)
Compulsory homework club (parents will always be advised when students are required to attend compulsory homework club)
– A FIX session (parents will always be advised when students are required to attend a FIX session)

Finally if students are not in any of the above, they will be expected to attend regular homework club, regardless of whether they have any outstanding homework. We do insist upon this so that we can supervise your son or daughter. If students do not have any specific homework to complete there are a number of productive activities that they are always able to do:

– work on their e-portfolio in Realsmart
– compete in live Mathletics
– do practice questions in I AM LEARNING

Students must not wait outside for parents or relatives to collect them. Students should only leave the building at the moment when they are going to make their own way home, or when someone has arrived to collect them. Students are allowed to have their phones switched on during homework club, so that you can inform them when you are ready to collect them.

Travel Information


Students are welcome to use their bicycles as transport to XP, if they so wish and we have a cycle storage in various places around the school.


Parents are welcome to drop students off in a morning and pick them up any time after 3.15pm and before school closes at 4.30pm.


(This information is subject to change as timetables are updated periodically)

Buses leave Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange direct to the school as follows:

The journey time is approximately 15 minutes on the 58 and 73 service (we recommend students use these services) and 30 minutes on the 72 service .