Crew Rosa Parks come back stronger!!

What a fabulous return to school for all the students in Crew Rosa Parks. It was amazing to all be sat in the same room again as a Crew.





Crew have been so mature in their response to the changes that are in place in school to keep them safe. They have settled incredibly well and I am so proud of every single one of them. They have all embraced their new expedition too and are working so hard. Keep it up.

A new school year heralds new pledges for Crew, here are some examples:-

I pledge to……….

Help more people

Remember to bring all my equipment every day

To focus to the best of my ability

To help and support others

To listen at all times

To attend school everyday

To contribute more in lessons

To let others speak and not talk over them

To follow all the rules to keep us safe

As a whole Crew we have pledged to help and support each other through the coming year. We are Crew!!


X26 & X25 Coming Back Stronger!

It is wonderful to welcome back our students in Year 8 and 9 today, they have certainly returned with renewed energy and enthusiasm!

Today, is all about Crew.  Students have been spending their time today reflecting on the past few months, learning how to keep themselves safe whilst in school and most importantly reconnecting as a Crew.

I have had the pleasure of spending time in each of the Crew’s and it is great to see the students engaged, working collaboratively and happy!

What a way to start the year! #Comingbackstronger


We are Crew!!

Over the past few weeks Crew Rosa Parks have been working really hard with the school work they have been set by their teachers. A big shout out to Fin, Maddi, Andrew, Elijah, Guraaj, Josh, Holly and Georgia who consistently produce some fabulous work and hand it in punctually. Well done guys!!

Alongside this, Crew have been set an additional task and a physical challenge. The task set was to find and paint a stone with a kind and meaningful message on it. Guraaj and Andrew have some lovely examples.

Last weeks physical challenge was to see how many star jumps they could complete within a minute. Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence of this!! I wonder why?? Are Crew getting physically lazy? This is a competition so come on Crew!!

There is a new physical Crew challenge for the coming week, this time it is how many push ups can you complete in 60 seconds? Come on Crew Rosa Parks, lets show everyone what we are made of. Don’t forget the points go towards the inter-crew competition. Don’t forget the evidence too!!

The Crew task set for the next week is a cooking task. It can be anything, savoury or sweet, it is personal choice. I can’t wait to see the results. It looks like Elijah has made a head start and has been practising.

Keeping busy.

It is the beginning of a new term. The sun has been shining and Crew Rosa Parks all seemed raring to go on our Crew hangout on Monday morning. It was fabulous to share our activities with each other that we had undertaken during the half term break. There had been numerous barbecues, lots of gardening and many bike riding experiences. Here are a few of Crew sharing what they done.

Josh had been out walking and spent time in his garden, some of it even under canvas.

Andrew had definitely developed green fingers when showing off his gardening skills. I’m not quite so sure about his brothers hairdressing skills though!!

Fin has developed his baking skills and he needs to continue with these so we can all taste his delicious servings first hand when we are back in school.


Keep all these activities up Crew Rosa Parks. You are ALL stars.

Crew Rosa Parks in lockdown.

Crew Rosa Parks have had another great week. There have been two birthdays, Sareena and Mrs C that were celebrated in a fun way. Virtual bingo took place……………Congratulations Elijah on your win!! Virtual charades was so funny, Fin miming Shrek, Andrew miming Forest Gump, with a wig as props courtesy of his Mum, Georgia gave us food for thought with her Harry Potter mime and there were many more superb mimes. Everyone was brilliant and it went really well. We will do it again for Rileys birthday.

The week has been busy work wise too, over half of Crew Rosa Parks have been awarded with Beautiful work for their Humanities work. Well done. I am really proud of the calibre of the work that is getting handed in. You are so on it Crew!!

We have had some more front covers shared for the Book of Memories that Crew are doing. They are superb. Thank you Elijah, Guraaj and Andrew.

Elijah has also been working on his nature section of the book.

He has shared what he can see in his garden and what he can see through his window.

A big shout out to Callum who 2 weeks ago was our gardening expert. He seems to be able to turn his hand to anything because this week he is showcasing his cooking skills.

A reminder that it is now the 2 week break for Crew, please don’t stop sharing the wonderful photos of the things that you are doing during half term, I love to see them and share them. Most of all though stay safe.

Beautiful work.

Crew Rosa Parks have submitted some beautiful work this past week in all subjects. There has been some outstanding contributions, where the content and the craftsmanship and quality has been exceptional. A big shoutout this week goes to Elijah, Joshua and Holly.


We have all been working on a book of memories for us to look back on when this unprecedented time has passed. Our focus last week was our front cover and we discussed many different ideas as to what we could put on there and how we could design it. Drawing, colouring, writing and computers were all put forward as to the different ways we could present it. Holly has used her computer to design hers. What a fantastic set of memories represented just on the front cover.

Next week we are focusing on Nature Week. Some ideas for Crew to be looking at and having a go at are: Whats in my garden? Make your own bug house or What do you see on your daily walk?

Have a good week with this Crew Rosa Parks. I am really looking forward to seeing the results.

Stay safe!

Year 7/8 Common Mission

As part of Common Mission in year 7/8 we are launching The Book of Memories. Crew leaders will be sharing this during google hangouts. We would like you to produce a virtual (slides) or book of your memories during this time so that we can look back and reflect on our time at home.

Each week you will be given a theme to help you create your book of memories and give you ideas of activities you might be able to do at home. Your crew leader will share the introduction with you and how you can make your book and also the first theme which is “What is in my cupboards”

We look forward to seeing your ideas and sharing with us what you have been up to whilst at home.

Stay Safe Everyone

Ilinca’s Year 8

Crew Rosa Parks, fabulous week!

Crew Rosa Parks have had a busy week again. We have a wide range of activities that have been undertaken at home. There has also been some beautiful work submitted. A huge shout out here to Guraaj , Georgia and Holly, the recipients of this weeks praise postcards. These 3 girls received these because of how hard they work, the beauty of their work and their work ethic. Well done!

As a Crew we have a daily morning Crew check in activity where we all add our responses (me included) to a shared doc. The check ins range from, Where would you like to be right now? If you were a book what would the title be? What are you missing the most right now? and If you were a breed of dog what breed would you be and why?

One of the check ins that has stood out the most this week for me is What are you grateful for? The responses are beautiful and thought provoking. Crew are grateful for their family, life, love and laughter. They are grateful for home, the sunshine and having a garden to go out in to. They are grateful for technology so that they can talk to family and see them. They are also grateful for their parents who are supporting them and helping them with their work and their emotions. Wow!!

We have two google hangouts a week, one on a Monday at 11am and one on a Friday at 11.30am. Attendance has been fantastic. Here are Crew doing what they do best…..talking!!

We all enjoy these times to catch up where we can actually see each other too.

The busy bees in Crew have still been sharing lots of activities they are doing at home. 

Callum is our gardener!

Elijah is our cook this week! Home made egg fried rice from scratch.


Harry is our performing artist and our beautiful artist too!

Watch out Elton John!!

Well done everyone. Keep all these activities going.

A quick reminder that after our Crew Google hangout on Mondays there will be a regular X25 HUMS hangout too. Stay focused on your work and keep submitting it. Don’t forget the deadline for your HUMS Immersion work is Friday 1st May.

Work hard, Get smart, Be kind & Stay safe.

Busy bees.

Crew Rosa Parks have had a busy week. Not only are they undertaking their school work at home, they are having Crew google hangouts twice a week and also taking part in weekly Crew challenges that are set.

This week they had a choice of an art challenge, a physical challenge or a cooking/baking challenge.


Andrew and Elijah rose up to the art challenge. Fantastic guys!! 


Maddi blew me away with her cooking and baking skills.


Holly is ready for Masterchef too!!

These are just a few of Crews spectacular efforts at the challenges set. Keep it up!!

Next week the new expedition starts for Year 8 (X25). This is such an exciting time, Crew Rosa Parks have a Google hangout at 11am on Monday which will be followed by a whole year group hangout at 11.30 for the introduction to the new expedition. I know I’m looking forward to it.

Therefore, for any students in Crew that need to just complete some bits from the current expedition can we make sure that they are completed before then. All your teachers are working so very hard to make sure you have super exciting expeditions, even in this very tricky time we find ourselves in, so please help them by working hard too.

Stay safe.