X26 Over The Top! Presentation Of Learning

X26 and ourselves look forward to seeing you all for their Presentation of Learning on Monday 16th December at 5.30pm.  X26 will share what they have been studying in relation to their expedition ‘Over The Top!’ which has focused on answering the guiding question ‘Does War Unite or Divide?’. Having closely looked at World War One during STEAM and Humanities sessions, students are now able to answer this question and can’t wait to share their learning with you!

X26 student showing us how it should be done!

I wanted to give a student in my Crew a special mention for her hard work since starting XP in September. She will probably hate that I have made a fuss and posted this – but I wanted to share this beautiful book review that she passed on to me.

Nida from crew EJN in X26 produced this review based on the book ‘Ratburger’ by David Walliams in her own time. She wanted other pupils to be able to read it and know a little more information about the book before reading it. Nida really loves reading and gets through a few books per week.

She thought that producing book reviews like this might help other pupils who don’t have the same love of reading as she does.

I think you will agree with me that this is a really beautiful piece of work and I am looking forward to reading another book review!

Well done Nida! Keep up the good work!

p.s. please don’t be angry with me for posting this!