Year 8 students’ HPV vaccine available in the New Year.

An email has been sent to all parents/carers of students in Year 8 today. (Please check spam mail if not received). The Electronic consent link is attached for all parents to access and fill the form online; whether you do not consent or consent, the RDASH team would appreciate a response from each student’s parents/carers (this saves phone calls home asking about consent or not). The HPV vaccine will take place at school on 31 January 2024, so the link will need to be completed two weeks before this date. Thank you for responding to the link.

E29 Explorer Demonstrating their understanding of Macbeth!

In class today E29 Explorer got to grips with the plot of Act 2, Scene 2 Macbeth. Working hard and pairing up to deepen their understanding of the shift in power between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth! It was lovely to see everyone getting involved and fully immersing themselves in the play!
Two groups performed and modelled exceptional acting for the rest of the class! Well done all involved! Miss Wilkinson

Christmas Jumper Day – Thursday 7th December

I know it’s November – but I wanted to let you know so you have the time to get organised (and buy a Christmas jumper if you wanted to)

XP & XPE will be celebrating Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday 7th December and asking pupils to bring in a donation that will go to the charity ‘Save the Children’

Christmas dinner will also be served at both schools on this day.


Miss Jones

Year 8 Crew Nightingale 2023/24

It was a refreshing first week back for Crew Nightingale. All crew got involved in the fun-filled four days.

Students individually spoke eloquently and with courage, in front of all the Year 8 students speaking about their First Week back. They all performed a dance, ate strawberry laces in a competition, competed in various timed activities in the sports hall, then the following day walked to Sandall Beat Wood and carried out a variety of activities: Orienteering, Den building, Vegetation clearance, mini-beast finds, a short solo to reflect and draw for future plans and growth.

C29 First Week Back Plans

We are pleased to be able to share with you the first week back plans for C29, as outlined below:

For the most part of the week, students will be based at their respective school (Tues, Wed, Fri) and completing fieldwork for one day (Thurs).

Key points outlined here:

  • Students will be walking to their fieldwork destination on Thursday and therefore it is important they wear appropriate footwear.
  • Students will require items from the kit list in order to support fieldwork.
  • Students will require a packed lunch for Thursday’s fieldwork.
  • Students will be required to attend from 8:30am every morning and will be dismissed at 3:15pm each day.
  • Students will be completing physical activity in school and should therefore come dressed appropriately with suitable footwear.

Should you have any questions about our first week back plans, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s Crew Leader who will be happy to support you further.

We hope you have a wonderful Summer and look forward to seeing you in the new academic year!

X29 Spanish and Humanities POL 18th July

Year 7 students will be presenting their Spanish and Humanities learning on the 18th July. The presentation of learning will start 4pm and finish at around 5.30pm. Spanish will be first, with students showing off their impressive Spanish skills while answering the Guiding Question ¿Te alegras de ser tú? (Are you happy being you?). This will be followed by Humanities, where students will be answering the guiding question How does water shape our world?

We look forward to seeing you then.

Mrs Batty, Mrs Collinson and Mrs Vayro

X29 Presentation of Learning

The X29 Year 7 Spanish presentation of learning will take place on Tuesday 18th July starting at 4:00 pm and finishing at 5:00 pm. The students will presenting work from their Spanish expedition “¿Te alegras de ser tú?” (Are you happy being you?). During this expedition the students have learned how to talk about themselves, their local area, their families and friends, and their life at school. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear X29 show off their impressive Spanish skills!

Students will be expected to stay on site until the presentation starts, and parents and carers should enter and sign in via the student entrance. The presentation will be held in the heart of XP school.

X29 / Year 7 Edale River fieldwork 14th June

Year 7’s current expedition ‘Hold Back the River’ has the guiding question, ‘How does water shape our world?’

During this expedition, our geography content is focusing on river characteristics from source to mouth, river processes, formation of landforms as well as the cause, impacts and responses of flooding. As part of this, we are applying the theory of river processes and characteristics to the field.

On Wednesday 14th June, students will visit Edale in the Peak District, they will work together to collect data regarding the width, depth, velocity and load of rivers. We will also be capturing the beauty of a river by completing artwork. This data collection will allow us to accept or reject our hypothesis once we have analysed our data in our maths lessons.

Students will need to arrive at school no later than 7:45am so that the register and kit check can be completed before leaving school.

It is also essential that all students bring all of the kit on the KIT LIST so that they are fully prepared for the fieldwork; this includes a packed lunch and water to drink. Students who receive free school meals will be provided with a lunch.

Students will need to ensure they have suitable walking boots/trainers as well as wellies or a pair of trainers they can get wet – we’ll be going in the river to collect the data!  If there are any problems in getting the appropriate kit before this, please email your child’s Crew Leader. 

Students will be returning to school for 3:15pm (traffic dependent).

Charity Tuck Shop!!

C27 have been raising money as part of their final product by hosting a tuck shop on Friday break times. This week is our final push and we have LOTS for sale including crisps, biscuits, sausage rolls, toast etc. Alongside this we have the “sponge a teacher event” where students will be able to throw sponges at teachers during lunch!

The money raised is for St Johns Hospice, a local palliative care hospital which is very dear to our hearts at XP. So please bring in a £1 or 2 to support the cause!